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  1. Interesting. Ill try that, ty. Edit: That worked. Strange. I guess somethings changed in the past few years. Ive always had an output_log being generated. Used to go in KSP_64_Data. So I guess with the verbose logging option something changed. Because ive always had MJ as well. But ty so much! I never would've guessed that was the issue.
  2. Does anyone recognize this? The one with the white square. I cannot seem to find where this is from. I suspect it may be the culprit. Here's my mod list.
  3. You're right it's MechJeb. I had console up while enabling ascent guidance and saw the message being spammed. And I can trigger it. Hm. I wonder if it's not liking JNSQ? With the 2x rescale. Edit: No I think it's an old module manager config im using to apply MJ to all probes. Edit2: Nope...hmm.
  4. Been trouble shooting an install for a few days now. Got it mostly cleared up save for one thing causing a significt frame rate issue. I see during launch "Remaining in ascent" being spammed badly. I have no idea where to even begin to think what mod could be causing it. output_log LOG Any ideas?
  5. How exactly do career contracts fare ( be they stock or modded ) with the 2x planet scale?
  6. If KSP 2.0 ever becomes a thing what would it take to support high performance at high part counts? Is it even possible given any game engine? Cant Simple Rockets 2 handle high part counts?
  7. New to rescales. You think FAR could have any issues with this? Not sure if there's some custom atmospheres here that FAR could mess with.
  8. Pulling my hair out trying to figure out why the planet modifications wont load. Was snooping around the Kopernicus thread and learned the mod has a hard-coded version check. And is not updated to 1.7.2. So unless I roll KSP back to 1.7.1 am I dead in the water until the update?
  9. Im on 1.4.5. Is there any reason as to why I cannot build fairing bases larger then 7.5m? Every tier is unlocked.
  10. Im having issues with extreme fps lag around Iota. Not sure if its just Iota. Its fine around Gael. Thats as far as ive gotten so far in this current save. Its an old version. 1.4.5 i believe. It happens in low orbit when the LoD loads in. ( forget the proper term its been awhile ) Console is clear. No NullRefs, no spam. But for what it counts here is the LOG. And for some reason I cannot find an output.
  11. Great work, but I gotta ask. Why has it taken so long for something like this in KSP?
  12. Distant Objects makes no change to that issue sadly. Yeah its in stock. Try advancing time and watch the sky as the sun sets/rises. The stars dont fade in/out of view. The sky is black then they suddenly pop in. Its one of those things you dont notice until you really see it.
  13. Apparently this is a stock "feature" and has been for a long time now. Im just realizing this having thought it was from a mod for the longest time. But after trying it in a stock install this issue persists. The stars dont fade into view as the sun sets and sky dims. Everything goes black for a long time after sunset. Then suddenly poof! Stars. Its become quite jarring. Has anyone heard of a potential fix for this? Or even a mod. Has Squad ever mentioned it at all?
  14. I came across this post while searching for a solution to my issue with the skybox day/night transition. When searching I see my own post inquiring about hard transitions of the skybox in atmosphere. Following the post down to the one I linked I see blackrack supplied a .dll to fix it. Thats the one im currently using however the issue persists. Is there by chance anymore insight to be had on this?