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  1. Just saw your post in the 1.9 thread Gameslinx. I hope that gets addressed. Been looking forward for the 1.8 Beyond Home for a long time and now I dont know what to think. Lol. I do know that if you release BH for 1.8 id put 1.9 on the back burner XD.
  2. "Fixed audio fade with camera distance" Thank... God. That is the best thing for me in 1.9. The engine audio not fading with distance was killing this game for me.
  3. I think the clearance difference is negligible. The legs depicted in the early animation with D2 landing were like five inches long. More like pegs then legs.
  4. Nah. It'd settle to one side. The landings are much, much softer then parachute. Could even make a cradle to land in.
  5. Why would the D2 need landing legs at all? Just plop down on the heat shield.
  6. I really... really am looking forward to Kop1.8. This looks fantastic Gameslinx.
  7. Something I noticed with 1.8 is that the shadows at certain distances turn into large blobs. The darker one in the distance is my lander. Is there anything that can be done about this?
  8. Somewhere between probably and defiantly not.
  9. " And there are cheaper-in-theory ways than that" All of which require some ridiculous, border line sci-fi advances in materials science. I like to concentrate on things that could occur in my lifetime. But forgive me I suppose. This is about features in KSP2 of which will already have interstellar travel so my post is irreverent
  10. A proper day/night skybox transition is high on my list. Right now when the sun sets or before it rises the sky is pitch black. The stars will suddenly appear. Its absolutely awful to look at and I really, really hope KSP2 can fix it.
  11. Ill never understand the obsession with these overly intricate alternative methods of getting to orbit. What's wrong with basic reusable rockets?
  12. Yeah ive seen it on a stock install. I was just curious if anyone across all the visual mods for this game has attempted to fix it.
  13. Same here. Its just been so long since I played that there's alot of new mods I dont recognize, but for the most part grabbing everything off the forum does most of the job. However I wouldn't say no to a simple app that does nothing more then tracks mods and their versions. No auto install or updating. Which for the most part is what HebaruSan linked. I only wish it had categories, but beggars/choosers and such