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  1. Same issue here. All stock. Game is hemorrhaging NRE's. Was hoping landing would fix it... nope. This is a SIX YEAR OLD BUG. >.< I remember dealing with this six years ago and there are even threads going back that long asking about it. 1.11 is the first time ive played stock in years and its good to know 90% of the bugs ive been tackling in my modded installs were all stock issues. One of the buggiest KSP experiences ive ever had so far. Zero mods. XD.
  2. Same here. Cant interact with any surface items at all. Just "aim camera".
  3. Whats a good cloud/visual pack to pair with parallax on the stock system? Should I just install a basic EVE config or has any of the visual packs been updated to use this?
  4. How does the parralax shader do with a rescale? Any issues?
  5. Ill have to wait for that update, thank you. I did try that fix awhile back and it really messed up the lighting and terrain textures for some planets. Mostly the lighting. It was as if everything was in a perpetual eclipse.
  6. What's the status of the checkering pattern? Ive tried all fixes I can find besides upgrading to 1.10. ( running 1.9, bleeding edge ) Edit - "This doesn't happen if you use 1.8.1 - It's a bug with how KSP applies the shader to planet templates not using the new shader. It will be patched in the next update" Which update? KSP, BH, Kopernicus?
  7. I found this in the change log. * Implement new Max Time Warp logic to allow faster warp rates when on rails. This is managed by gamesettings (ORBIT_WARP_MAXRATE_MODE = PeAltitude). * Implement Limit modifier for altitude based Max Time Warp logic so players can tune when the mode is set to (ORBIT_WARP_MAXRATE_MODE = VesselAltitude). How can I use this to revert to the old time warp logic? I prefer the slower pace at lower altitudes and it's causing overshoot issues with mechjeb burns.
  8. This mod really throws me some curve balls it seems. I have an odd issue. Two planets with identical comm setups. A main talking to home then using omni for local comms. Two identical scan sats for each planet using omni antenna to talk to the main relay. Same builds. All is in range. Only one works... How? Only one receives signal. The scan sat at the other planet works. The kicker is everything says connected. On the one that works I can see the connection line to home from the scan sat. On the one that does not work the connection line is not there unless the relay is the active sat. E
  9. I used Sigma DImentions for the rescale. I only edited base settings. // Advanced Settings landscape = 1 geeASLmultiplier = 1 resizeScatter = 1 resizeBuildings = 0 groundTiling = 1 CustomSoISize = 0 CustomRingSize = 0 atmoASL = 1 tempASL = 1 atmoTopLayer = 1 atmoVisualEffect = 1 lightRange = 1 scanAltitude = 1 The advanced settings are unchanged, but there are some interesting ones now that I look at them. "groundTiling = 1" Related to the checkerd pattern im seeing on the surface? And "lightRange = 1" which maybe is related to what you mentioned there? Also to
  10. Ill have to bump this as well. Experiencing the SAME exact checkered pattern on bodies in Beyond Home. I was wondering if the 2.5x resale was the culprit. Maybe not. I tried this fix mentioned by Hohmannson. " Temporary and unsupported fix is to go through all planet configs and change template = Laythe to template = Eve and template = Tylo to template = Minmus." That did solve the checkering issue, but it broke the surfaces where they didnt receive sunlight. Will try what R-T-B mentioned next change I get.
  11. So weeks after doing this I noticed an issue with lighting. Upon making this template name change it seems certain bodies no longer receive sunlight. As if they're stuck in a permanent eclipse. Any ideas? And again is this the 2.5x rescale that's causing the checkering issue? Ill consider removing it and going stock scale if so.
  12. Im wondering if I can use this to better analyze SpaceX style launches. As of now flight trajectory and MECO timing is my best guess based on payload mass. But then my booster lands with 300+ Dv :P. Id like to assemble a data set to make better judgment when it comes to said trajectory and timings. A way for me to go back and look at altitude, speed and I suppose acceleration for MECO times.
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