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  1. I noticed the 43k files dont overwrite anything. These clouds are additional to the current ones? Edit: Indeed they are. They look quite nice. Though I must say its ALOT of clouds.
  2. I did. No luck. However I came across this thread. I believe this is the same issue and am getting ready to test this now. Occording to the OP in this post its the small cubic strut being attached to a decoupler that is causing the bug. Going to remove that part from my design to see if it works now.. Edit: YEP! That did it! Good God... must've been three hours last night uninstalling mods. >.< So as to why this is a problem with the cubic strut is beyond me. My first guess would be an issue with restock.
  3. Wow. I cant believe I found this. Months later Im having this issue as well and go figure im using the hell out of that cubic strut attached to decouplers for this exact reason. Trying to launch multiple sats at once. Pulling my hair out trying to fix it. If its honestly just the damn cubic strut causing the issue then... oof..... Ill try removing them from my design and report back. Edit: Yeah. Removing the cubic strut fixed it. Sorry I know this is months later. But @Korbat do you happen to recall if you were using restock at the time? That's my first suspect. But at this point im so bu
  4. I believe I too have the same issue when trying it decouple multiple satellites. I have a log. This just gets spammed badly after separation when the bugged craft is focused. dT is NaN! tA: NaN, E: NaN, M: NaN, T: NaN at System.Environment.get_StackTrace () [0x00000] in <ad04dee02e7e4a85a1299c7ee81c79f6>:0 at Orbit.GetDTforTrueAnomaly (System.Double tA, System.Double wrapAfterSeconds) [0x00000] in <2afc64dea36946459d4707808bdac511>:0 at PatchedConics._CalculatePatch (Orbit p, Orbit nextPatch, System.Double startEpoch, PatchedConics+SolverParameters pars, CelestialBody
  5. That does seem to be the best solution so far. What is the point of the audio limiter and all of its settings if I may ask? If it can just be governed by the in-game ship volume setting?
  6. It seems certain engines are making a crackling/popping sound in my speakers while others are just fine. I see aloooot of settings on here under audio limiter all of which I dont know the function of. However when disabling audio limiter ( Tried muffling. No change. ) it seems to have gone away. That or the engine is just so much louder I cant hear it Any possible tweaks I can make?
  7. It was CryoTanks. Thank you. The one I had was missing some configs evidently.
  8. Seems I'm missing methane config for stock tanks. Restock and Restock Plus specifically. I do have the extra configs installed. Any ideas? Edit: I noticed the tanks with methane lack individual LF and O2 settings where as the stock tanks have them, but no methane.
  9. Forgive me if this is a FAQ, but ive not been able to find info on it. Using the rugged wheels Im getting stuck in the terrain. Collision works. But its as if Im running into a run-away truck ramp as soon as I leave the runway. Craft quickly comes to a halt and gets stuck. Steering doesn't work. Ill work on a log asap if need be encase its not a frequent question.
  10. Instead going through each parts configs individually I wonder if its possible to make a MM config to flat out multiply the price of science parts?
  11. Been searching in this topic for a good bit now looking for the info. Sorry if its a dead horse so to speak. What about ReStock on those deconflict updates? Im using the Waterfall version for Restock.
  12. I heard that AVP can be used with Parallax. Is this true? If so what do I need to get that working? Just the StockTextures from Parallax? If so does that override any texture work done by AVP? Edit: Yes.. yes it can. Lol. Shame we cant delete messages on this forum... Atleast that I know of.
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