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  1. 23 hours ago, tater said:

    . It's like The Expanse. I tried to watch it, didn't get super interested. Everyone told me to give it another try, so I did. I picked that episode where the guy did some kooky maneuvers near Jupiter. It was so stupid I turned it off right then, and never watched it again.

    You may want to pick another episode. IIRC the director stated that was done for story telling purposes. If anything trying to get realism correct its The Expanse. And it does it with a fantastic story. To each their own obviously, but i wouldn't write the show off based on that one scene. Because it does get alot right and goes above and beyond what any other form of media does to replicate space travel.

  2. I honestly don't think FAR is any more complex then stock. The complicated information is there for the people who want it, but you don't need it. You follow the same principles in stock as far as CoM/CoL go and still get a flyable aircraft. Only it actually feels like you're flying on a cusion of high pressure air as opposed to floating through liquid. 

  3. Saw it the other night. Wow that was bad... Don't even know where to begin. Overall a complete and total violation of orbital mechanics and physics in general. But all that aside this is literally a movie about nothing. I couldve gotten by the ridiculous disregard for the laws of motion.

    Nothing happens. No explanation is given for what the Lima project was. No explanation as to why it was discharging these pulses nor why they were being aimed at Earth. No revelation in the end. Just "hey Dad let's go home" - "Nope" - "Okay see ya." End of movie... The only thing I liked was the proper depiction of lighting at Neptune. It being really dim. 

    I was hoping they were going to touch on the empty universe theory. I really thought that was going to be the big brain buster at the end. It would've been an interesting spin on Hollywood space. But no. Nothing is ever done with it. Save your time and money. 

  4. I swear the "Set Orbit" function has changed in the past few updates. Been having some trouble with it trying to set polar satellites at equal intervals from each other. EQ sats I can seem to manage.







    Arg Pe ( this is new to me )

    I set my SMA for the orbital period I want and then if I recall correctly I use LAN to set the angles for each sat. 0,90,180,270 for four. And that works for EQ sats. But the moment I set inclination to 90 things get wonky. Sats get put on different planes relative to eacother and in retrograde orbits. How exactly can I use this tool to fix them? Truth be told I dont know what MNA, OBT ( orbit? ) or LAN means. Nor that new setting below.


  5. Ah okay I see. Yeah especially given the premise of the colony building and now word of being able to launch several crafts at the same time. Honestly KSP2 could be nothing, but a complete physics calculation overhaul and nothing more. That alone would be a buy for me. Suppose we'll find out as time goes on. Fingers crossed. Love the mod by the way Shadow. KSP2 will be lesser without your models.

  6. 5 hours ago, Shadowmage said:

    Part count limits


    Where did you read this from specifically? This is huge. Im on the reddit everyday and if they mentioned a part count limit then the community would be exploding. So far out of Pax West we know " Far greater part counts, unspecified." Or did you mean to have a performance limit like KSP? KSP2 will just have a higher ceiling. I read that as a HARD part count limit.

  7. Interesting. Ill try that, ty. Edit: That worked. Strange. I guess somethings changed in the past few years. Ive always had an output_log being generated. Used to go in KSP_64_Data. So I guess with the verbose logging option something changed. Because ive always had MJ as well. But ty so much! I never would've guessed that was the issue.

  8. On 7/21/2019 at 10:57 AM, Brikoleur said:

    Dynamic autowelding to a reasonable physics part count ceiling would do it. Other possible optimisations would be to treat other than the focused vessel as a single part or remove landed/parked vessels from physics altogether, unless/until something collides with them. 

    The trade-off would be a stutter when the autowelds are recalculated (e.g. on collision or on un/dock), and somewhat less accurate simulation of things coming apart. 

    The garbage collection issue ought to be resolvable -- but it might be buried so deep in Unity that in practice the effort to do so is prohibitive.

    A genuine fix to KSP's performance problems would likely be a lot of work and involve a major engine upgrade (or switch to a different one altogether). That would be very expensive; I don't think it could be done without massively expanding the player base or somehow getting us to pay for the game again -- and given the unhappiness about paid DLC I doubt that's on the cards either.

    It would be KSP 2 essentially.


  9.  Pulling my hair out trying to figure out why the planet modifications wont load. Was snooping around the Kopernicus thread and learned the mod has a hard-coded version check. And is not updated to 1.7.2. So unless I roll KSP back to 1.7.1 am I dead in the water until the update?

  10. Im having issues with extreme fps lag around Iota. Not sure if its just Iota. Its fine around Gael. Thats as far as ive gotten so far in this current save. Its an old version. 1.4.5 i believe. It happens in low orbit when the LoD loads in. ( forget the proper term its been awhile ) Console is clear. No NullRefs, no spam. But for what it counts here is the LOG. And for some reason I cannot find an output.

  11. Apparently this is a stock "feature" and has been for a long time now. Im just realizing this having thought it was from a mod for the longest time. But after trying it in a stock install this issue persists. The stars dont fade into view as the sun sets and sky dims. Everything goes black for a long time after sunset. Then suddenly poof! Stars. Its become quite jarring. Has anyone heard of a potential fix for this? Or even a mod. Has Squad ever mentioned it at all?

  12. I came across this post while searching for a solution to my issue with the skybox day/night transition.   

       When searching I see my own post inquiring about hard transitions of the skybox in atmosphere. Following the post down to the one I linked I see blackrack supplied a .dll to fix it. Thats the one im currently using however the issue persists. Is there by chance anymore insight to be had on this?