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  1. Calling it now. Falcon Heavy launch on December 5th. Heard it here first
  2. Fair enough. After watching it like 20 times I'm actually fairly confinement in saying that stream of N204 is blocking the engine bell.
  3. I guess in the end the live video feed from last night was too low res to really tell, but.... I cant help but notice how there is definalty five lights on the bottom of this rocket. That asymmetric. Vs the much higher quality footage uploaded today. So.... I dont know fellas you sure about this? You sure Russia didnt pull the old switcharoo here?
  4. No. There was totally one engine down on one video and non on the other. Watch the engines as it ascends. It could not be more obvious that one engine is not running. Its not Spaceflight 101s fault every video of the Proton launch released today is a video of a different launch with all engines firing. I'll do some screen grabs later.
  5. Does anyone know the status of Echostar? Something fishy is going on here and I'm wondering if it's because the payload didn't make orbit so they go and upload footage from another launch. Roscosmos hasn't had issues admitting failures in recent history, but for the Proton a failure here is catastrophic for the program, no?
  6. Wow. So is it common practice in Russia to replace launch footage with that of another? Last night's launch very clearly showed an engine failure. . THAT is last nights launch. This not even the same video. Nice job Russia. That's not shady at all.
  7. And here I was about to post a bug report as to why my Kerbals were combusting on EVA, lmao. Thank you Starwaster.
  8. How viable is aerobraking in RSS/RO? I imagine it tricky for Mars... Deadly for gas giants?
  9. Oh wow I didnt even know about HeatPump. Thanks everyone.
  10. Been playing RSS/RO for years, but ive never really tried going to other planets. Now that I am ive run into a wall it seems and that wall is the massive Dv numbers to go anywhere further then Mars. What does everyone use to get around the solar system? I dont if maybe my nuke engines are bugged, but the Dv number i get from those are terrible. Hydrolox boils away and has terrible density. Hypergolics are stupid heavy. So... how can I go about this? Is Near Future Propulsion worth looking into?
  11. You gotta be CLOSE to hear those booms before the booster lands. Wow. Does anyone by chance know what percentage of fuel is left after MECO for RTLS?
  12. Im pretty sure its dirty ice being burped up out of the engine bell.
  13. Whats the difference between this and RSSVE? Can this be combined with that somehow?
  14. I dont personally mind the fanboyism. Its something space flight has been without. However what i dont like is the the extent upon which said fanboys and people in general put Musk in the limelight. Hes a great man with a great vision, but he is nothing without the TEAM of people he put together and id like to see more admiration for the company as a whole instead of on the man at the top. Im pretty sure ITS will fly though. Will it be called "ITS: by time it does? No. Will it be in any resemblance to the concept we've seen drawn out? Heck no. But in some way shape or form im confident that project will fly eventually. Especially if they can hit their turn-around time goal. That remains to be seen however.
  15. Id imagine even if one mirror were to survive that's one less thing you have to do for a rebuild. Im sure you know JWST is made of multiple mirrors. Either way... this mission may be the most white knuckle launch since the first space shuttle when it does go off.
  16. Is a heavily damaged satellite cheaper to refurbish then it is to build a new one? How about time? JWST is like a decade in the works now, right? So even if it gets damaged surly it would take less time to refurbish then to build a new one.
  17. Id say if EM-1 fails and the crew lives a successful launch abort could be spun into something positive to keep the program going. Political support or not Apollo 1 sadly resulted in three deaths. ...Unless something happens in space with the CSM then theres real problems. : / Im sure the rocket will be fine, but is it wise to rush the CSM?
  18. Thanks everyone. That should do it. I got about a dozen kerbals that need to be fixed so as far as remembering which profession they where, well... some of them might get a new job.
  19. 0.5.19 - 2017.01.16... Oi vay. Sorry Roverdude i dont know how I missed that. Could've sworn I updated the whole package the other night. That'd be the issue. So as far as editing the save file as DStaal mentioned. Is there anything that can be done?
  20. Oh sorry, all up to date on USI-LS. They returned in a capsule. Capsule was recovered. They've been in the astronaut complex ever since. Do I just have to take them on a little stroll or something? Ill give it a shot asap.
  21. " That should be enough" What should be enough? Letting time pass? Been a few weeks in-game atleast. However does it depend on how long they went homesick for?
  22. Ive since returned Kerbals who have "gone off duty" and labeled as tourists back home. However I see they're still sitting in the astronaut complex as tourists. Is there something more that needs to be done for them to return to duty? Certain number of days need to pass by? I see some people are having similar issues up above, but none pertain to Kerbals already home it seems.
  23. Is there a way to apply symmetry to a part without picking it up? For instance I take alot of time fine tuning something on one side of my plane only to see I failed to hit 2x sym. Instead of having to pick up my part and more or less ruin my precise placement id be nice to have some sort of mirror copy button.
  24. WOW Ive no clue how they even got there. Couldn't have been helping. Thanks so much for catching that. Deleting the config worked as well Not the date.