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  1. I just noticed the stock strategies are missing. Any idea what could cause that? KSP.log Output_log Modlist Edit: And apparently the Nyan cat is back : / I updated GPP the other night, but i dont remember that. Possible relation?
  2. What exactly makes this different then what BDArmory can do? Just a stand-alone variant?
  3. Interesting. Well dont go loading up your work plate because of me. I wasn't sure if it was something that could be easily done or not. But, uh... while you're at it throw in a little green flash on ignitions
  4. Ive been wondering. Is there a way to make it so all engines maintain the minimum throttle effect for a period of time after shutdown/at zero throttle. No thrust. Just the effect.
  5. Whats this all about? " There are also some significant differences between the vehicles, most notably the aerodynamic control surfaces used to help guide New Glenn's first-stage in for a landing. Reportedly, that negates the need for a re-entry deceleration burn. " Hows that work?
  6. Does the increase size somehow allow them to use regular flight surfaces for attitude control? ( having remembered ITS using grid-fins after typing this ) I thought the whole reason SpaceX went with the grid-fin was to survive hyper-sonic flight? Wouldn't such control surfaces be ripped off if any input was applied? Or... will it just not be used at high speeds and slowly as the rocket decelerates more and more authority can be applied...? Maybe? Lol. A VERY interesting deign and I love it. With those "wings" i dare say this thing will have more cross range capability then the F9. However I'm highly skeptical of the extent of "artistic liberty" taken to this model and animation. Although I suppose control surfaces with that much area wouldnt need to move much. The moving barge is interesting as well. Could give needed extra stability given the NGs far lesser, uh.. leg stance? Deploy width? Whats the word for that?
  7. Hm. I just noticed that eclipses dont seem to be working. The Scatterer menu has a box i checked awhile back for cclipses stating them as WIP. Is this meant to be checked, or no?
  8. Thanks again Galileo. Hope your not spending too much time on it just because of me though : /
  9. Well when i saw "walk away" i really mean watch a movie or something and flick back and forth to enjoy the scenery of the trip and check out anything that catches my eye. Wow, thanks so much.
  10. Something ive been meaning to ask. Is there a way to disable terrain scatter collision? I LOVE it for short duration rover missions, but eventually i work my way to LONG duration missions/circumnavigations which require me to set an autopilot and walk away from the computer sometime.
  11. If i were to say that the original, non cherry picked video is for the Orion spacecraft and that NO it has not been through the Van Allen belts, what would that mean to you?
  12. Read this. Now watch this. Now tell my we didnt land on the moon. Make sure to elaborate and explain yourself in detail.
  13. How about replacing the rcs sound effect with something that doesn't sound like someone blowing into the mic?
  14. Sorry, but I gotta say Im surprised this hasn't been posted by now. I think it goes without saying that Bob Fitch's work is above and beyond legit. Saw he was using GPP for his new episodes and thought id mention it.
  15. This "heating" challenge i see people dealing with here. Is that in GPP or is that with Kerbalism? I'm not out of the Gael system yet I wonder what it is I'm in for o.O
  16. How far fetched of a dream is it that to hope for one day the only terrain in KSP that behaves like ice is ice? Unity limitation?
  17. Im seeing that the SSTU tanks have WAY less dry mass and way more capacity then anything else i have. Is this intended? For instance an SSTU tank 1/4 the size of say a procedural one gives me the same Dv.
  18. I was just kidding, they could probably light up flares, fireworks, tire-fires and still get lost in the ocean.,
  19. Hot pink... hot pink would've been better. You'd have to try to miss that in the water....