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  1. Oh I see. Thanks for the repose. I was just curious if it was something that could be easily done through the settings. I can get by without it
  2. Sorry about being a pest But I was wondering. Is it possible to make it so the sky dimming occurs strictly when the camera is in the sun? Not just looking at it. Id like to only see stars when I'm in the shade of a planet or my spacecraft.
  3. Call this weird. Maybe its just me, but for some reason flashing the flight log ( F3 ) always gives me an FPS boost. Im not sure why, but ive been doing it for a LONG time and it helps. It seems to be the same effect SkyKaptn mentioned above.
  4. Im looking for a solution to a skybox issue im having. I posted in the DistantObjects thread, but now im thinking Scatterer MIGHT be a factor in this. The problem im having is no smooth transition to the skybox at night. Instead of the stars slowly fading in as the sun sets it just stays pitch black for awhile then POOF. Stars. Ive had this issue in the past, but i forget how i fixed it. LOG output_log Mod List Any ideas? Could Scatterer even be involved here?
  5. Lol. After four years of coming to this forum for solutions you eventually learn a thing or two to help people help you. Edit: By the way. Love the mod. Wish i used this alot earlier. It works. So im not too sure to what extent the NRE is impacting it. Not seeing a performance impact either. However it did spam that NRE for a period of time it seems so i figure it couldn't hurt to have it checked out. Edit2: Yea ive been playing with it for hours now im having a blast, lol. I dont know whats going on those NREs show up in the logs, but i dont seem to experience them in-game. So *shrug* Questions about some of the funtionality. Im looking for something that can pilot a VTOL with a claw down onto another craft to pick it up and fly away. TCA seems a little shy when it comes to obstructions and slopes. Anyway to override this?
  6. Any idea why TCA is throwing NRE's? NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ThrottleControlledAvionics.WayPoint.Equals (ThrottleControlledAvionics.WayPoint wp) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ThrottleControlledAvionics.NavigationPanel.WaypointOverlay () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ThrottleControlledAvionics.TCAGui.draw_gui () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at AT_Utils.AddonWindowBase`1[T].OnGUI () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 LOG output_log Mod List
  7. I too am experiencing the interstage fairing having structural failures both in flight and when loading onto the pad. Disabling fairing auto-strut does seem to fix it, but... Not sure ill need that down the road when it comes time for a heavy upper stage. LOG output_log Mod List Edit: With KJR do i even need the fairing auto-strut feature? Because if it works with it off then its fine. I just dont want that to bite me in the butt later down the line.
  8. No this is from the ground. Theres always been a smooth transition from day to night with the skybox smoothly fading in as the sun sets/fading out as it rises. Looked like it does in real life. It was a beautiful effect. Now the stars just abruptly switch on after a few hours of darkness. From orbit the DistantObject behavior seems normal. A Scatterer issue perhaps?
  9. Having an issue with the skybox not smoothly fading in and out during sunrise/set. After just a few hours of pitch blackness the stars just pop in. I tried every setting variant I couldnt with DistantObject. I think ive had this issue before, but i cant remember what the solution was. Using Pood's Deep Star Map Skybox. LOG output_log Mod List.
  10. Ohh, okay I see. Sadly no matter what i do setting-wise with DistantObjects the issue persists. Sorry i just realized i probably should've posted over there instead : /
  11. Having a strange issue with the skybox. As the sun sets/rises and gets dark/light the stars usully fade in/out really nice. Damn near looks real. This isnt working for some reason. It stays pitch black for what seems like a few hours after dark then POOF stars. The skybox just instantly shows up. For what it counts im using Pood's Deep Star Map Skybox. This is a new skybox for me. And I noticed it has a set of additional images in the "EnvMap" folder within TextureReplacer. Ive never seen that with a skybx in the past just the textures you have to drop in "Default" Could that be a factor? output_log LOG
  12. Really? No smoke, nothing? Dont the stock engines atleast have some sort of emitter? Im not even getting the red emissive.
  13. Yea the after burner is the only effect that works it seems. Theres absolutely nothing in the regular mode.
  14. I noticed im not getting any emitter effects on the jet engines at all. No glow, no exhaust. I remember seeing this before, but cant think of what the the problem was. output_log LOG
  15. Couldnt have asked for more, thanks so much.
  16. Is there a MM patch to incorporate supplies into stock command modules or any other by chance?
  17. Wow, thanks for that! I gotta say though... it'd have been nice if Squad had used the right sound in the first place instead of just blowing into the mic and calling it done.
  18. Thanks Galileo. This is some incredible stuff you guys have put together here. Like others im contemplating exactly how i want to go about the exploration of this system. Playing a whole new game. I hope Squad can up the stock eye candy one of these days. This is what the Kerbol system should be.
  19. So if i were to install this as-is i take it it wouldn't work? The stock rcs sound is not desirable to say the least.
  20. What does Sigma Dimensions do? Is that only for the rescales? Or does it do anything for stock scale as well?
  21. Shes very photogenic this time around
  22. Great thanks Galileo now i gotta learn how to make submarines. Awesome work.