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  1. Motokid600's post in What's the Best Way to Establish a Retrograde Orbit Around Kerbin was marked as the answer   
    The rescue mission is easy. I take it the kerbal is on the equator? They usually are. So yes launching into a retrograde orbit is just a matter of a bigger booster. It's quite expensive to go against the rotation of the planet.
    Your may have to explain the second issue a little better. A 9000x9000km polar orbit? As in a 90 degree inclination? That should be relatively easy as well. Again just needs a bigger rocket.
    All you should have to do is eye up when the KSC rotates under the target orbit. Should be twice per day. However. If you look at your target orbit it will have arrows traveling in the direction you need to be going. You need to launch on the correct side of the orbit so your going in the designated direction.
    Make your inclination adjustments at an ascending node before circularization if you can manage. But as long as you get the launch pretty good that shouldn't cost much either way.
    Also look into getting a data read out mod such as mechjeb or kerbal engineer so you don't have to fly in the map view and depend on your eye. You need to go by the numbers.
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