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  1. I'm having problems getting the plug-in to work with 23.5. I tried installing it both in the gamedata and the old parts/plug-ins folders and neither of them worked. Do I need the dev build?
  2. finally extraplanetary launchped parts you can work with
  3. if you do make it 5.37m could you please include an adapter?
  4. are the solid boosters just retextures of the KW boosters?
  5. i dont care for the configuration you have set up in the mod but I love the concept and wish there were more mods like it.
  6. If you want a more efficient transfer burn I recommend either mechjeb or kerbal alarm clock. I use mechjeb to set up the node the save it with the alarm clock and time warp to the burn point from a probe I spawned on the ground.
  7. had 1 occasion where the heat shield on Icarus randomly exploded. also I cant find the module the stores monopropellant.
  8. I like the concept but it need to be able to fold so it can fit inside 3.75 m fairing.
  9. i know how you feel. docking is hard but if you slow down and just inch it along you will eventually get it. as for getting to other planets i suggest watching some more tutorials and parcticing. P.S to get to the mun wait until the mun rises over the horizon when in a 100km orbit at a HDG of 90 deg.