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  1. 10/10 I have seen you many times around the forums!
  2. Well I am glad you found KSP, I basically threw my wallet at the screen when I got the demo! This is not exactly the place to ask questions, only for an introduction. The General Discussion might be confusing but it is quickly understandable, most people there describe it in a manor anyone can understand (I say anyone as in if you know about the game). I am glad to see you here! Laugh a little it makes the 'splosions more awesome!
  3. Thanks for the wishes! Glad to see you are not lurking anymore! There are always people who need help! Also your username reminds me of breaking bad... Laugh a little it makes the 'splosions more awesome!
  4. Well everyone is a "newbie" at KSP, unless of course you have studied like astrophysics And I am sure many people would love to see your craft just please put them in the SpaceCraft Exchange. Welcome to the forums!!! Laugh a little it makes the 'splosions more awesome!
  5. I know it can be confusing, however that's what the wiki is for, take a look this might help! WIKI AWAY!!!! 1) This might help There are only biomes on Kerbin, The Mun, and Minnmus 1a) I have no idea about hidden report? I didn't even know that was a thing D: 2) This is all about preference, do it how you want to. You asked for most efficient, personally it is attaching multipule one-use-only things (goo, materials study). along with a science module. However some people might go with satalite items, and just transmit and make them crash into the surface. Like I said it is all about preference. Hope this helps!!! Laugh a little it makes the 'splosions more awesome!
  6. Glad someone could have helped! Good luck on exploring the mun!! Laugh a little it makes the 'splosions more awesome!
  7. Well technically the entire world (kerbin) got a revamp so you could say that it reset all of the easter eggs, because it was debatable a new planet. But yes I think the monoliths were first.
  8. Welcome to the forum! I must say landing on Eve is a great achievement! Getting back is an even bigger one!! Good luck in your adventures!! Laugh a little it makes the 'splosions more awesome!
  9. I don't think you should worry about anything, and I have no idea about FAR I have never once used it.
  10. Haha, always thats what makes learning fun!!! Laugh a little it makes the 'splosions more awesome!
  11. No sorry I have no idea how much FAR affects those maps... I am sorry. I have let you down Laugh a little it makes the 'splosions more awesome!
  12. Well I am glad you found this game again! it is quite fun!! All of those question you have are really good (I do not even know most of them) although the use of tailfins should be used only on the lower stages that dont make it to the atmosphere after that you need RCS, so only use them on acent stages, nothing past that. I have never paid attention to my CoL and CoM when building rockets, only planes then you want the CoL as close to the CoM as possible someone correct me if I am wrong please. I would recommend the wiki for your dV maps this works wonders!!, any handy calcuation tools, and lastly scott manley helps a bunch too! I hope that helps you complete everything you are wanting too!! Laugh a little it makes the 'splosions more awesome!
  13. I learned about a hobby! I always liked space before KSP, then when I found KSP, I opened my eyes to the true glory that goes on behind the rocket launches it makes it truely inspiring! Laugh a little it makes the 'splosions more awesome!
  14. Yeah I take little breaks of this game as well, but it always triggers my adventurous side!! welcome back here!! Laugh a little it makes the 'splosions more awesome!
  15. Yeah I like looking at my hours!! although sadly I didn't do it eairler is sad, i probably have 100+ hours but it only shows 24 I waited forever to move it to steam. You know after I became a *cough* pro *cough* at it Have fun!!
  16. Oh yes, I remember this blog I saw it and was able to read it, it looked amazing like KSP was taking a huge leap forward and it was!! This was also the update in which it made my computer cry, because of the massive shading improvements on the inside and on the UI. I honestly totally forgot about this blog though, thanks for finding it again!!
  17. Wow that looks pretty cool! I love the layout you made for this aswell, I can tell time went into all of this! the craft and everything!! Good luck!
  18. No, there is no difference between the steam version and the KSP store version other than what you said "counts your hours and auto updates" there is not a difference at all, that and maybe where the game files are located but you can always copy and move them if you wish. Have fun!!
  19. I agree with this completly! Many times have I built a craft that flies perfectly but never takes off. However if you move the wheels just after the CoM/CoL you should be good! However I also agree with that, I frequently end um smashing into the lights at the end, but I do not think they should be moved, it adds a challenge and a little game to avoid the lights.
  20. I never use a hitchhiker only when building space station, other than that i find them almost pointless, why lug more kerbals around that you will just have to save later on?
  21. Ever heard of a youtuber names scott manley? He produces some awesome videos that helped me and I am sure many others out his tutorials are located , there're very in-depth and explain alot! Hope this helped
  22. I have more than one (sadly) mine would be Dres, pol, Eeloo, Vall, I think I am forgetting one, but who knows i have forgot about it
  23. So this is just my opinion, but you have some awesome looking craft don't get me wrong there. This mod is beautiful, it adds that steampunk look (lots of engines use steam ) My one complaint is that you do not have any prebuilt craft, personally if you add some of those i would most definitely give this a 10/10!
  24. banned because we all like failures, and hate sparkly moments
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