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  1. Panzerbeard

    How competent are kerbals?

    I see Kerbals as being similar to Bloody Stupid Johnson. Everything they build works, they're just not entirely sure how or why, and it doesn't necessarily do what they originally intended. They're extremely good at coming up with wildly over-engineered problems that shouldn't have existed in the first place. They're not stupid, just intelligent in a rather convoluted way, with the exception of the occasional oddball like Jeb. Jeb's just daft.
  2. Panzerbeard

    How to Land on other planets?

    A bit more information on where you're at would help You say you can fly, do you know how to reach orbit yet? Are you able to actually reach other planets and you're just confused about landing? We can't really say much other than "do the tutorials, read the guides, watch the Scott Manleys" unless we know exactly what you're having trouble with.
  3. Panzerbeard

    Devnote Tuesday: Wednesday Edition!

    The only mention of consoles was regarding the settings screen rewrite, which would be beneficial to the PC version as well, I fail to see the problem.
  4. Thanks. I actually tried it out while the forum was down, it certainly seems to work fine without any mods. I may install DMagic anyway, though.
  5. How important are the parts mods, here? If I choose to play without any of them, would it hinder me in any real way? (I don't know if the early aircraft progression is balanced around using firespitter before you unlock jets, for example). I tend to only roll with KER, KAS, KAC and graphical mods, don't like using mods that actually add new parts.
  6. I had no idea this mod actually existed, I ended up modding in seperate reaction wheels that only had roll torque because I couldn't find a way to disable pitch and yaw on specific ones
  7. You probably won't be able to get an encounter that accurate immediately; the further away you are, the more sensitive the trajectory is to course changes and there's not much difference between smashing into the planet and missing the atmosphere entirely. As long as you've got the intercept, wait until you're closer before plotting the course adjustment (do it before you enter the SOI, though. Maybe 20-30 days out, or so, depending on how large a change you need to make). If you're coming in at a fairly low inclination you'll want to use the normal/antinormal nodes primarily.
  8. Jool, although if I'm entirely honest I haven't really done much there, so the furthest body I've actually had a proper play with is Duna. When the update hits I'll try to focus on deeper exploration, and then when 1.1 comes out I'll probably install Outer Planets and go a bit mental with it.
  9. Panzerbeard

    Devnote Tuesday: Kerbal Space Program 1.0.5

    Woah now, let's not be hasty here.
  10. Panzerbeard

    Devnote Tuesday: Kerbal Space Program 1.0.5

    This pleases me. I would like to announce to the world in general that I am, in fact, pleased. Thanks for all your hard word, SQUAD!
  11. Panzerbeard

    What Mods Will You Install On 1.1?

    Probably no more gameplay or parts mods than I already use (KIS, KAS, KAC and KER) but I'll probably go to town on graphics mods. Jeb is going to look fabulous. Incidentally (I know this probably isn't the thread to ask in, but what the hell), am I right in thinking there won't be a RAM limit at all once we're in 64bit? Would it be worth adding more, do you think? (I'm at 8GB right now, can easily go up to 16 but never bothered because nothing really uses all of it at the moment)
  12. Panzerbeard

    The Supermoon Total Eclipse - Who Watched It?

    Norfolk, UK here, patches of cloud but I still got a good look at it. It looked amazing through my binoculars (Celestron 20x80's), sadly none of the photos I took came out too well. I'm a bad photographer at the best of times. Also got a bonus pic an hour or so before maximum Not great photos, but the memory is still there, I'll look forward to the next one
  13. Panzerbeard

    Hellblazer's Wallpaper Factory

    Holy Bill on a booster, that looks fantastic. Many thanks!
  14. Panzerbeard

    Hellblazer's Wallpaper Factory

    I'm not fussy as to what you do with it, it'd be great if you could make Eve look a bit less.. crap, though, also, I don't know if enhancing the sunglare in his visor would look good? Depends on whether his expression is still visible, I guess. Many thanks if you find the time to do it, if not, thanks for putting out great artwork anyway
  15. Panzerbeard

    Delta-V for LKO

    Does my bank account count as a charity?