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  1. Just wanna say took about a year off KSP, downloaded the new patch, and the first add-on I come to. You guessed it.
  2. I have used this quite a bit, It is great for saving every version of a spaceship or airplane you have built, sometimes you take the adding things too far and you want to go back to when it worked, hehe. But I think the most useful thing is the save files, I use quite a bit of mods and sometimes a mod will break my saves, this is great for going back, before that infamous mod blacked your screen and you couldn't even get to the space center. Also if you took a trip to the Mun and decided to go to Minimus, then when you get back to KSC, you figured you probably could of gone to Duna, as long
  3. Absolutely looks awesome ill get back when I have built something worthy of an image. Awesome work.
  4. Bac9 has pictures of the new update parts gonna be awesome, be patient, if you rush the artist the painting will not be complete.
  5. the Rollkage MK1 has the wheels, angus just added some new rollkage parts on this pack.
  6. but the speed of light increases when its taking a gravity turn around a sun, right how did kirk and spock travel back in time.
  7. Ok I am trying to edit the signal delay, how exactly do I do this. THank YOu
  8. <a href="http://imgur.com/0mGWN9h"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/0mGWN9h.png" title="Hosted by imgur.com"/></a> http://i.imgur.com/fqFczC6.png Just messing around with my new RollKages thanks Angus, I tried using your wheels but I would just wheely flip out, I need to mess with the power settings
  9. Is that where they decide whos gonna drive
  10. Hello, can someone tell me how to change the delay, I dont want to remove it totally just reduce the delay, I sent a single probe to the Jool system and it had something like 300 second delay, I was getting by with 100 seconds with my probe to Duna, just want to know how to adjust, I looked through some of the cfg's couldnt spot anything about the delay. Thank you
  11. Hey angus, tahnks for your hard work, cant wait to see the new stuff.
  12. Alos would like to say thank you for the fix, "a sandwich is not a sandwich without miracle whip" ksp is not ksp without rt
  13. I love the new editing tools!!!, I don't have 5 pages of spherical tanks anymore, I guess your alright for a ksp'er, thank you.
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