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  1. Yeah. I like the look of the basic sketch type but also I think it should be basic enough that you feel the need to map properly but not too basic that you can't get by. Also remember than when not in mapview, you would see the planets in all their glory.
  2. Yeah this all sounds good. I was thinking that Kerbin would have hand drawn maps which could have been made by map makers on the surface before the time of satellites (because you haven't launched any yet). The Mun would only have the kerbin facing side mapped (because the mun is tidally locked to Kerbin) with drawn maps that could have been made by astronomers. Minmus would have a similar type of map but of the whole surface as it isn't tidally locked.
  3. Woo! This thread was brought back from the mod archive thingy. While it was down two new threads ( 1 , 2 ) started with what seem to be similar ideas for those interested.
  4. So a similar idea as this one? I also made a kinda long post about a similar idea too HERE.
  5. Yes please. I guess you should move it to General Add-on Affairs.
  6. Why not take on a few extra (temp) mods to sort it for you? I'm sure there are those willing to do it. Old posts are useful. I link back to them rather than rewriting stuff all the time.
  7. I wrote a kinda long detailed thread about this very idea HERE.
  8. What do you mean "went down the way of the archive"?
  9. I can even see my old thread at the top of a google search for it.
  10. Tried that. I've started more than 3 threads. A whole bunch of mine seem to have disappeared without any notification or message if they where deliberately removed for some reason....
  11. I made a thread about a month ago discussing a mod idea, the thread was called "Simplified map view" and was posted in the "General Add-on Affairs" forum, but it seems to have completely vanished from record.
  12. It might me nice to have an option to show and hide folder conflicts. I also think it'd be good if there were was a column with little icons to indicate installed, outdated, conflict. Sometimes you have more than one of those affecting a mod at once and colour coding can only show one at a time.
  13. What time zone are you basing the poll off? Or are you asking users relative to them self?