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  1. Banned for letting other people tell them what to do.
  2. Do you have any overscan problems in other games as well? If so, you might want to try using the Xbox's Calibrate TV utility because it helps with overscan issues. Here is a link that explains how, see step 5 for the relevant bits: https://www.ign.com/wikis/xbox-one/How_To_Calibrate_Your_TV_For_Xbox_One_X
  3. Based on my first post here, May of 2013. It really doesn't feel like that long ago!
  4. Not sure about DangIt! but I know OhScrap! has a mechanic like that.
  5. I haven't tried 1.11 personally, but from what I've read on the kOS Discord server, the latest release is compiled against 1.10 and should work with 1.11 as well. Edit: What kcs123 said.
  6. Circling back to this - does anyone have any ideas? I've searched a bunch and have never been able to find the answer. I'm stumped on how to use DATA_EXPAND in cascading contracts, which would be a lot easier than having to replicate contracts several times over. Any help is very appreciated!
  7. Did you try using it recently? I've been using this mod with very few issues for quite a while. Many of the issues on GitHub are minor things that are easy to code around, or feature requests from people.
  8. Hi @Nertea! Thanks for a great mod. One question - the documentation says to pay careful attention to the engineId field, but what do I use for engineId if ModuleEngine doesn't have an EngineId field? Edit - nevermind! I had tried using the default basicEngine value before and it didn't seem to work, but I had a different bug with my patch. Fixed and the default is working now.
  9. Sorry if this is common knowledge but I couldn't find anything through searching. Is there a way to ignore a specific version update of a mod so that it doesn't appear in the upgradeable list anymore? A mod I am using added a dependency that I don't want to install, so I'd like to stay on the old version. However, when I select the older version, it still shows up as an update.
  10. If you are familiar with ModuleManager, you could start with the patch linuxgurugamer mentioned for RocketSoundEnhancement (courtesy of user @Karin) as it does nearly the same thing that you want. As written, it removes the audio nodes from RealPlume if the RSE_Engines module is present, but you can modify that to remove the entire RealPlume node if a WaterfallFX module is present. Then you'd only have one file to manage vs. deleting multiple configs per install (at least until / if this is baked into RealPlume or WaterFall itself).
  11. Oh my gosh I feel dumb. I did read the documentation but somehow totally missed that when I took the swivel engine config to start from. Thank you, it works perfectly now!
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