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  1. Is it possible to extend the existing Probe upgrade framework to automatically add a kOS processor module? Basically, I am wanting to make the second upgrade (SAS Level 2) add a kOSProcessor module to all probe cores from that point forward.
  2. I just discovered this issue myself, thanks for the quick fix!
  3. Installing CryoEngines / CryoTanks directly from GitHub didn't work. I tried reducing my mod count in half without luck as well. Since I'm starting to suspect I have a problem with tanks in general, what is the expected behavior when using tank upgrades? Should it be similar to batteries or solar panels where you can select which "version" of the part to use? Also, should CryoTanks work the same as without KTT installed, meaning having the option to put any tank into Cryogenic mode and being able to select the proper fuel mixture when an engine is attached? Edit: I think I fi
  4. I got them together on CKAN but I'll give installing from the GitHub release directly a try, thanks! I should note that it seems like none of the tank options are showing up for me. I unlocked the lighter 0.625M tanks and purchased the upgrade, but I don't see an option to use them anywhere. Other upgrades (like battery density, solar panel efficiency) work. I have a pretty extensive mod list but I thought I'd removed anything that might conflict with tank switching (i.e., ModularFuelTanks). Maybe I have something else going on in general with tanks.
  5. I have been a longtime KSP player and just started a career with KTT, and I am loving it so far - thank you for what obviously was a ton of work! It's been fun to have a totally different style of progression. One question, and sorry if this is obvious but I'm having a hard time parsing this. I am running CryoEngines / CryoTanks, and I unlocked the first few CryoRocketry nodes but I'm not seeing any way to actually get LH2 / OX tanks. I unlocked the CryoTanks but they seem to be LH2 only. Is there another upgrade further along the tree to enable switching tanks to LH2 / OX?
  6. I would love some pointers on this too! I can't quite seem to get the module manager patch right.
  7. Banned for letting other people tell them what to do.
  8. Do you have any overscan problems in other games as well? If so, you might want to try using the Xbox's Calibrate TV utility because it helps with overscan issues. Here is a link that explains how, see step 5 for the relevant bits: https://www.ign.com/wikis/xbox-one/How_To_Calibrate_Your_TV_For_Xbox_One_X
  9. Based on my first post here, May of 2013. It really doesn't feel like that long ago!
  10. Not sure about DangIt! but I know OhScrap! has a mechanic like that.
  11. I haven't tried 1.11 personally, but from what I've read on the kOS Discord server, the latest release is compiled against 1.10 and should work with 1.11 as well. Edit: What kcs123 said.
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