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  1. Is this still the case with the latest version of EVE? BR pushed a fix explicitly for this, and I can confirm it is fixed for me at least using a 2.5x stock system and AVP.
  2. This is cool, I'm not sure how I never noticed it before. Love the name too. Will this work with CryoTanks? I don't see it explicitly called out in the Supports or FuelSwitchers section, but I believe it uses B9PartSwitch so I assume the answer is yes?
  3. Looks like this post has it, and explains the methodology. Ctrl-F for "Spool" to find it.
  4. I don't know about the scatters, sorry. I'm still too early in my career game to make it to OPM bodies. That said, I do know that the original OPM Parallax configs would cause issues with Kopernicus when used with Parallax 2.0. That has been fixed in the updated configs, so that's why I said it was compatible. Sorry for any confusion!
  5. It already has it. Just download OPM Parallax from CKAN or Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2958/Parallax for OPM
  6. Because you probably have the latest version of EVE. Blackrack pushed an update today with a fix for this:
  7. The statement terminator for kOS is a period char. So it's complaining that you don't have the terminator. Try "clearscreen." You might find the documentation useful: https://ksp-kos.github.io/KOS/index.html
  8. To go the other direction (i.e., scale in the .cfg only if RO is not installed), you simply need to add '!' before RealismOverhaul in NEEDS. That will allow the changes to only execute if RO isn't present. So taking HebaruSan's example above: @PART[MyPart]:NEEDS[!RealismOverhaul] { // Stock scaling stuff here } You can learn more about ModuleManager dependency checking, patch ordering, etc here: https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki
  9. Near Future Launch Vehicles https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/155465-most-112x-near-future-technologies-august-26/#comment-2931918
  10. No idea about the names mod, but fairly certain all of those are from the same mod (Near Future Spacecraft).
  11. Not to answer for @zer0Kerbal on whether this is possible, as I looked and there are a lot of resources defined in BDArmory for different ammunition types, I just wanted to call out that you can do this yourself for your game now. Just add the following code to the DontLeak.cfg file under GameData/OhScrap/Patches, one for each resource defined by BDArmory that you don't want to leak. Replace <BDArmoryAmmoResourceName> with the actual names from the BDArmory resource config files here. OHSCRAP_RESOURCE_BLACKLIST { name = <BDArmoryAmmoResourceName> } Or, better yet, add them to a new .cfg file and put it in a personal patch folder in GameData. That way, if OhScrap doesn't take this change, it will still work even after subsequent OS updates overwrite the DontLeak.cfg file. Hope this helps!
  12. Look at SWE (SRB Waterfall Effects) for inspiration, as that's what they do. Edit: Looking at that thread, they are actually in the process of removing RealPlume to help increase performance, so take that as you will.
  13. Oh, sorry, that wasn't me asking, but that may explain why I couldn't find the setting! Thanks for the quick reply.
  14. I just realized I've never really touched the Parallax config after moving to a 2.5x system some time ago. I can't find a density multiplier in ParallaxGlobal, though, and I don't see one mentioned on the wiki. Is it an undocumented setting, or would that be maxTessellation? Thanks!
  15. A good example would be Contract Configurator or ScanSat, which scale with your rescale patch fine. The waypoints I've been asked to visit all seem to be in the right places, so I think it's mostly fine. An example of a mod that had hardcoded lat/long values was one I can't recall the name of but it provided ILS for the runways at KSC. Because the runway is in a slightly different location, the ILS guides you down on to the grass next to it. That said, the config file is setup explicity to be able to change those values, so that isn't a big deal. I will say I do remember seeing a floating monolith on Kerbin once, but that just sort of fits the universe, ya know?
  16. I don't think so. Most mods and the game contracts know where it is, but I have noticed some weirdness with a mod here and there that seem to have those locations hard-coded to a location on stock kerbin. However, I found there was usually a config file you could tweak if you couldn't live without it.
  17. Do you have a mod installed that adds a grid to the VAB? This happened to me a long time ago, and if I remember right, it was caused by a mod interaction with (I think) Hangar Grid.
  18. Oh my gosh, THANK YOU! I have been encountering this issue for a few weeks, and it was seriously perplexing. I didn't even make the connection that it started happening after I installed Reviva and MAS since I didn't do crewed missions right away. I wrote a very simple MM patch to remove all MAS Flight Computers from MLP parts, and no more black screens. In case anyone would find it useful: // Removes MOARdv's Avionics Systems from Modular Launch Pads IVA spaces @PART[AM_MLP*]:HAS[@MODULE[MASFlightComputer]]:FINAL { !MODULE[MASFlightComputer] {} }
  19. Hello @NathanKell! Thanks so much to you and the RO community for taking this on. Writing contracts to create my own mission storylines is one of my favorite things in the game, so it's good to see CC get some love! One thing I noticed after updating to the new version - nearly every celestial body and kerbal referenced in existing contracts appear to be showing a Lingoona gender suffix unless the contract explicitly refers to the the object's '.Name()' property (or for kerbals, '.firstName()' and '.lastName()'). So just having a simple string in a contract like this: title = Orbit @targetBody ...will show up in-game as "Orbit Jool^N." I updated a few of my personal contracts to use the name properties to test my theory, and it worked to remove the gender suffix, but most older contract packs currently available would need to be updated too. I don't think it causes any problems with the contracts themselves, so likely not a priority, but I'm wondering if you could update CC to default to returning the object name as a string without the gender marker if it's used in a string like that? Visual example from my game below: https://imgur.com/uhgwmRn Thanks!
  20. Yes, per the change log in the OP of this thread: Luciole 1.6 [2021-01-25] ------------------------- - Add Waterfall Support - Fix for KSP 1.11 - Support new 1.11 inventory system - Include Thumbs picture for inventory - New Subassemblies craft files - New CubeSat Ion Engine
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