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  1. Woah, really cool vid, really cool dropship vtol design.
  2. Here is a version of the craft on the runway.. if the navball was in this picture, it would be indicating that I am facing vertically instead of facing just above the horizon...
  3. Hi guys, I am having an issue when editing the .cfg of the B9 MK1 Aerodynamic Junction. I want to use this as a command pod. I manage to get it working as a command pod but the orientation its in is wrong. What I mean by that is the forward part of the part is counted orientation wise as up, not forward, Can anyone help me fix this??
  4. Nope, I sorted it out by altlering a probe core's weight to make it extremely heavy, then added it near the base of this Offshore Ocean Drilling platform. The tanks in the water are bouyant thanks to hooligan airships. Ocean Drilling Platform.
  5. I'm confused and can't help but think that "interplanetary orbit" is a huge contradiction... what is it exactly? Sounds like plain "orbit" to me..
  6. Wow, Oneillcz, That is a strange and different design. I like it. Russel0, the aesthetics of your kethane truck are really awesome, I love the way it looks..
  7. Eve saddens me. Because at the time of posting, I was struggling to make a return vehicle. I eventually managed though. Something else that saddens me: By the time we get to Beta, Star Citizen will be out and I won't have time for KSP. But that doesn't reeeeealy sadden me because I'll be so immersed in the verse. can't wait. HANGER THIS MONTH!
  8. Thanks, Prey tell how one does that what you did?
  9. Attempt at linking my Imgur Album
  10. Here's a proper IMGUR link so you don't have to click to see the above... Arbolus's design EDIT: he edited the above to now display properly. Thats a whooooooole lot of keth detection you have there.. can you see keth in the next star system? ehhe