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  1. I have a hubble-style 3.75m telescope, service bay, solar panel and comm dish as basic models, so they still need texturing. Would be willing to donate them and further models should you want to extend the mod with new parts.
  2. https://transfer.sh/B2Kcv/output_log.txt Going to try what you suggested when I get home later. EDIT: OK I removed them, still a bit dark for my taste but I suppose thats why the clouds are there. May have to see if I can find some nice configs somewhere, thanks for the help though!
  3. I think the water in the mun atmosphere is something on my end, the resources are completely out of whack for all planets. Going to try a fresh install in 1.1.2 to see what comes up. Probably going to end up ferrying water from Minmus to the Mun. Is planetary Ice considered water?
  4. When taking the models apart there were two sets of the same boxes in there. I assume they are for simplified collisions, but how come there are two of each?
  5. Bit of an update from my side to this. I have managed to collect two crash logs, which both indicate a memory access violation. This would also explain why I have had two bluescreens and one freeze while playing. I have since modded my install, which oddly enough seems to reduce the CTDs, but I still get a daily crash from either a memory access violation or a straight up bluescreen. This probably needs some looking at.
  6. I'll help you where I can, I am an old Sketchup guy who rarely uses anything else, but I'd be willing to work on the models and once I have gotten used to it, texture them as well. You have created a really well made system of highly modular parts and I absolutely adore modularity I am really looking forward to the future of this mod.
  7. @DStaal essentially what I wanted to convey with my request. Well this just gave me even more of a reason to go through the modding tutorials and well I decided to build a fabrication module to fit. Still pretty confused, sorry that I imported your model Nils I hope you don't mind. This is what I have come up with so far. If you want I'll import it into blender and send you the .blend and I can also make a workshop for you.
  8. I built a complete station for LMO with a vehicle to land and pick up resources to bring back up to that station. I don't want to opt out of the whole deal, I am just trying to negotiate the best solution to keep using both mods along side, since I like them both for what they offer. I suggested putting these two parts together in order to simplify the work on Nils end a bit and I don't see why that would be such a huge issue, it wouldn't bypass the resource chains at all, just combine them into a single part rather than two. Obviously downscaling from the large fabrication module would result in lower production rates. I'm not trying to break UKS and USI for the benefit of making them simpler to use. EDIT: But I will shut up now, forget that I even asked.
  9. The problem is the MKS parts for this are pretty big in comparison and can't be easily connected either. It ends up being a rather complex design process to make the different part sizes and layouts work with one another and it ends up looking a bit out of place. Correct me if I am wrong, but all that is needed is a fabrication module and the workshop to convert the raw resources into MaterialKits. So combining that into one would be viable? All that is left then is another drill for the raw resources.
  10. I think that is an issue with landings legs in general as some of the stock ones do the same as of 1.1
  11. I am as confused as you are about that, but it does say that here I scanned it using the stock orbital scanner. No idea where it gets it from. Minmus isn't reporting anything in its atmosphere.
  12. Result I guess it doesn't like it when I dock it while the hinges are under stress?
  13. I wouldn't mind just having a single part to convert lots of ElectricCharge and Ore into parts, just felt I should do the proper research.
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