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  1. Hello everyone. Progress is coming along now. Had a block of exams so work slowed. however now time is no longer an issue so I shall pour more time into the project.
  2. Hmmmm I might take you up on that offer, I'll get back to you
  3. Yeah I remember that Mod, Anyway Quick update the Seat Model is 100% complete and is partially textured (Mainly so my Texturer knows what is what and can distinguish between sections) the code is slowly slowly being written No idea when I'll complete it obviously RL Stuff is priority ATM Thanks
  4. NOW KSS Kerbal Safety Systems! I'm proud to Present the new KSP EJECTION SEAT mod. This will (Eventually) add a range of Seats and features making it more likely that your brave Kerbonauts will survive (Yay) "For that rare occasion when your kerbal absolutely must survive" Modelling/coding = C13XQRSTAFF Texturing = amankd
  5. What happened to the Swing wing/ Variable Geometry wing thingymabob