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  1. Find the mistake. Seriously though, don't give up so easily. I've done everything there is to do in KSP with old aerodynamics and now half my rockets start flipping during ascent, can't aerobrake in Jool's atmosphere without dying etc. I can't remember having more fun with KSP than when I still had to learn stuff; didn't you enjoy getting your first Mun landing done after a bunch of failures? Just keep at it (or play Plants vs Zombies).
  2. I've landed and returned from everywhere without SAS, but only because the old SAS was of almost no use. When I turn it off now I can handle it, but it's obvious that I've gotten very used to the new comfy SAS. Torque is of course very relevant, a tiny probe with too much torque is uncontrollable without the new SAS.
  3. ... or you simply do the lucrative contracts and become rich without wasting precious play time on fraudulent tactics.
  4. I hand-picked the contracts with big rewards and have no trouble. There is no point (financially) in most test contracts, since you would need to combine a lot of them AND return most parts to KSC to make only a marginal profit.
  5. I also disabled everything except quicksave, just in case. So far it's awesome. I didn't screw up anything yet and 1 test mission had an insane reward (~950k funds), so it feels pretty easy, but I look forward to wasting 500k or more on failed Tylo attempts. That place is a pain to land on without quickloading.
  6. Just played for 4 hours. The funds are very easy to get, but it's still a lot of fun with the no quicksave etc options.
  7. There is no harm in using the 64-bit version if your system is 64-bit. Just that it makes no sense to use the 64-bit version below 4GB RAM.
  8. It really depends. Mostly I just let it go, but if the preparation took too long I'll probably reload.
  9. I fell over. Then again, again and again.
  10. I've noticed that Duna really likes to lose your encounters and afterwards you don't even have any close approach indicator showing up. Try to get your encounter as close as possible (<100km) to avoid timewarp troubles.
  11. Don't forget to get Enhanced Navball.
  12. All asteroid types connected, the Kraken ate it shortly afterwards. Just the type E connected with the center hub and type C was super wobbly (attached D last). Total mass without the assembly RCS probes 3196t.
  13. I used to get to year 30+ in old saves. Then I installed KAC and did every science report in the game in less than 10 years. However, I wouldn't care if it took my space programm 100 years, I just enjoy switching between a multitude of missions.
  14. All asteroid types docked together: It was super wobbly even when it was just the Type E + C. I attached Type D last and the kraken ate it shortly afterwards. Not recommended.
  15. I don't get it. OP is just a collection of thoughts that confirm your opinion, but I didn't see any arguments to support it. It's just a ramble to me and the only part that gets really quoted from your post is the clear complaint that fit into a few lines (however untrue it may be). And Rowsdower is clearly a hard worker.
  16. I build the mothership core and/or lander for each mission and then send a collection of pre-made parts to dock in LKO.
  17. 1. "I don't have to check the landing site at all. I will just do a perfect landing, no matter how uneven the terrain is."
  18. They just put together some kind of overview of unfinished games that are already available for play, most likely this was only visible in the online version. "Die Zeit" is the 4th best selling newspaper in Germany.
  19. translation: Prognosis: The Goal: Build a rocket and fly to the Moon. The Astronauts: clumsy "Kerbals". The implementation: grandiose. "Kerbal Space Program" lets you take the wheel in self-built rockets and stretches you to the limit. Successfully reached the Moon and ready to land? Whoever forgot a ladder may begin again. Incredibly complex game with a lot depth. Try it!
  20. I started out sending refueling ships to the planets where the craft was stranded in orbit. Then I started placing refueling stations before a mission. Then I realized that I can just build what's neccessary in LKO and save a lot of time.
  21. I use at most 2 for design reasons (damn lander legs too short!). I also cringe when I see ships with 16+ nukes or 8 ions. However, you can do almost everything with very inefficient designs. Best anyone can do is point it out to people who care and let others have fun with them.
  22. Inclination changes at the furthest point of your orbit. Making an inclination change close to the sun will waste your fuel just like you saw.
  23. still had ~600m/s left back in orbit. chairs op
  24. Only thing to "critize" is the amount of engines. You could have only 1 max 2 on the lander and pull the extra fuel along, rcs fuel and thrusters only on the fuel part.
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