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  1. Im looking for a game that would allow me to explore alien planets from the planets surface, in a 3d environment, and would have some form of alien life. Does anyone know of such a thing?
  2. Ok. Here's another question then. If no aliens, what about plant life? Would it also be impossible to create a jungle planet with waterfalls, oceans, and stuff? Maybe even a underground cave system? I just feel like wandering to planets with barren flat terrain seems kind of dull, and if there was a planet with high mountain ranges, jungle, and cave systems, that it would REALLY spice up the game-play. And don't get me started on the amount of easter eggs that could be added!
  3. I post this in the off topic section because I know that no one wants this on the site, but I just have to ask or I will die. Why no aliens? I read somewhere that it was because aliens would cause too much cpu usage, and make the game lag like crazy. That is a valid point, but here is my question. If its not possible, then how did spore do it? In the space stage, there are at least 100 planets and moons to travel too. And on many of them, there are aliens, as well as alien races that may decide to be hostile/friendly/neutral towards your character. Here is another question. Couldn't this it be done like minecraft? Why couldn't all the planets still be there, and your able to look at them and plan routes, but just not generate until you are close? Why cant it be so that only the planet/moon that you are near is generating so that it wont lag the computer? And when you leave, why cant the data just save and then you can travel where ever you like, but when you come back, the saved data will just reload, and you can continue from where you left off? I just feel like aliens are a very important part in ANY game where you can travel to and explore other planets. It creates a sense of mystery and a true feeling of purpose in the game. Please leave an answer so my mind can finally be put to rest. Thanks a bunch!