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  1. I HAVE AWAKENED FROM MY 5 MONTH SLEEP *coughs dust* I have to try this.
  2. Yes. Indeed i DO ​ space station.
  3. 1. yes2.--- er--- i thiiiin k the craft you do To.
  4. All rockets are basically a explosion out of a funnel. (Basically-Basically-Basically-Basically-Basically)
  5. Yeah, though the new popular science shows an awesome R-T-O (runway to orbit) and *bloop* <Picture) the new shuttle should look like that.
  6. this is awesome. I CANNOT WAIT TO BLOW IT UUP WITH A THRILLMASTER NUKE MUAHAHAHAHAH. Ahem, excuse my jeb, awesome.
  7. I have been following this and when i saw and iva i weny *clapclapclap* YEAY!
  8. No. I have the OLDOLDOLDOLD(0.7 bug) where parts of the rockets that touch the launchpad are sometimes stuck
  9. I been following since 0.13 or so, and onlt thought it was worth buying until 0.20. (Flags)
  10. YOu should move this to the other languages thread.
  11. But imagine if you wanted to FTL a family to a Moonbase and there was a minor calibration issue and you beamed them into a vacuum. yes. i have those thoughts sometimes. i think it might be some time after ftl is invented until it becomes commercailized, because you dont want alot of incidents.
  12. I would use it to death, i can get bored. and i would use the mission flag generator with this. (Mak eht pluz) Welcome! I see this is your first post.
  13. Put a full habitaion module on eloo and leave no trace. (I'm evil)
  14. I wathced this in my green/magenta glasses and i want some sort of mod. THIS IS AWESOME!
  15. (yeah i just hyperedited this challenge )
  16. I did it (sorta...) BUT I DID IT OVER HOURS OF FRUSTRATION! The rover had a life of a good 30 seconds doing barrel rolls, i did not pick a good landing spot. You get the picture, right? easy Drop-n-go! DOWNLOAD (includes skycrane) I put pictures so to prove i did not cheat (please believe me:this took hours even though my signature should prove this should be easy)
  17. Booting KSP now... one question: Can i have "Old" vanilla parts or non vanilla parts in the launcher? I will do this!
  18. I was exited and ready to do this challenge: installed the mod and booted ksp --- until is crashed! Trying to fix it.
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