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  1. Some things I hope that remain in KSP2 is the wrong staging of boosters and parachutes that we all have a had a few times and the explosions on the launchpad and things like that. Misstakes should be punished in a great or funny way. Nothing should be perfect and I really like those love ups after building a craft and it should stay in KSP2. KSP2 wouldn't be ksp without explosions. Also the Kraken, I think we all had an love/hate relationship with the Kraken.
  2. i can't figure out how ckan works, I have used it before but after installing KSP and trying CKAN again I can't make it work. I can't figure out how to add repo. https://imgur.com/a/hqgQpQc I tried pressing the: new KSP instance button but I have no clue what to select as it wants me to select an txt file. Someone who can help me out?
  3. On his first post he said that it won't be able to download from CKAN.
  4. Downloading right now, but I am a little bit confused. with the download. What do I need to download?
  5. Hi I really want to try out this, but when I try to use Ckan, i get errors that it can't download all the mods those are: Modular fuel system, Betterbuoyancy and Deadlyreentry. Does this means that I have to download them on my own? Sorry if this has said before.
  6. At my old school, we used a really simple program, easy to use but I don't think that it is what you are looking for but anyway: https://www.yoyogames.com/studio
  7. I think that he want a mod where Kerbals have a inventory, where the Kerbals can keep stuff like, building materials and tools. And that you can mine for metal, and build building or something.
  8. Somebody can help me, everytime I try to make a car the wheels fall trought the runway and I can't drive. Am I building it wrong?
  9. Could you make Kethane scanners or something would be awesome to put like 10 probes in a orbit around Mun or something with a scanner.
  10. Thank you all very much and I am sorry for bumping my thread, im not really patient I will try to do what I can do.
  11. You also have 2 Module managers and I believe that you only need the latest one.
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