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  1. I made the rover into this, minus those two landing gears. I'm about to head to Duna. My first interplanetary landing!
  2. Thanks all, my problem is solved and I'm going to land on the Mun in a minute. I'll post pics.
  3. How will I get fuel to this station in the first place when it runs out?
  4. I have done this with the stock atomic liquid booster and it plays well now. Rep.
  5. There is an ASAS at the bottom of the stack. I will rearrange RCS boosters, and change my liquid booster type. EDIT: This has worked along with stupid_chris ideas. Rep.
  6. I have this rover that I'm trying to get on the Mun, but when it separates from the rest of the ship, it spins uncontrollably and RCS/liquid engines become useless and make the problems worse. Suggestions?
  7. Can you describe what "thrust-vectoring" is?
  8. I have a bunch of radial RCS tanks up top but the giant one at the bottom of the ship I want to use first. Is there a way to automatically deactivate the ones on the top until the lower one runs out or is decoupled?
  9. I understand, but what will I gain by putting **** on the Mun?
  10. But what can I do with a base like this? I understand this is sandbox, but what can I get done by connecting ships on Mun?
  11. What can I do if I build a Mun base by connecting a bunch of ships?