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  1. I have just released a version of RKE Kanadarm that is compatible with KSP 1.0.x. Thank you for your patience fellow Kerbanauts! Special thanks to V8jester for posting his fixes to the config files. I have tested this with IR 0.12.2, IR-rework v01b, KIS 1.1.4 and KAS 0.5.1. (Only IR is required.) The PDFG should be grabable and placeable using KIS. Please let me know if you run into any problems, and I will try to be as responsive as possible. Thanks again for your patience.
  2. You can set trim by using ALT. Either by holding ALT when clicking in the RKE Joystick window, or by holding ALT when in HUD mode. Let me know if that doesn't work the way you would want, or if you have any other feedback
  3. "RKE On-screen Joystick" v1.2.1 now compatible with KSP 1.0.2 (I am the author of the mod) http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/92586
  4. Hi all! Thanks for your patience, I have just released a new version of this mod that works with 1.0.2. Please let me know if you have any problems.
  5. Nice idea. There's a good image of the "foot restraint platform" for the Canadarm2 here: http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/image_feature_1886.html . It looks like it attaches to the side of the LEE. I think the platform for the original Candarm had a grapple fixture http://airandspace.si.edu/collections/artifact.cfm?object=nasm_A20130045000 . Either way, it seems like these were attached post-launch in EVA. Sounds like it should then be KAS-attachable and storable. I've added it to my TODO.
  6. Yep, it sure should! I made the PDGF ("grapple fixture") KAS-compatible in the 0.10 release You can now send Jeb out and slap a PDGF wherever you need one. So long as you brought some spare ones with you ;-)
  7. Yeah that's my current hypothesis. The fix probably involves re-creating the IR ConfigurableJoints whenever there is a docking event, but I want to create a canonical test case highlighting the underlying problem first.
  8. Sort of. I've found that after docking you need to reload the scene (e.g. F5/F9) to avoid IR/docking-port problems (see known-issues in above post). I'm in the process of debugging IR, hopefully I can nail down the problem once and for all.
  9. If you can believe it: your problem is slightly different to InsaneDruid's. I'm pretty sure your problem is the InfernalRobotics + Docking = Extra caution to avoid the Kraken problem. The solution is to F5/F9 after docking with the LEE (see my extended walk through above). Please let me know if that doesn't address the problem. This feels like it will be a recurring gotcha for everyone. I'm in the process of debugging the underlying issue in Infernal Robotics. This might take me a week or so. EDIT: Also: try putting a part (e.g. the RKE spacer) between the rotating joint and the LEE. Connectin
  10. 1.2.0 released. - Shortcut key and configurable HUD size and deadzone size (as suggested by DarthWall) - x^2 response curve. This gives you much more fine control. (As suggested by Ser, and as also implemented by Crzyrndm in the [thread=99126]Analog-Control[/thread] mod.)
  11. That looks magic, mate! Nice work. - - - Updated - - - No the LEE is not a KAS magnet, it is a docking port (as is the PDGF). I think I know you are getting at (it is very hard to explain, I know!). You are starting with what is essentially one vessel: the space station, the shuttle, the solar truss, the robotic arm are all docked/connected together. You want to move the solar truss. It is connceted to the whole vessel by a docking port, and you basically want to move it from that docking port to another docking port. With KAS: You can grab the truss with a magnet, undock the truss (so it
  12. Roger that, keyboard shortcut. I think I'll default it to Alt+Y, but make it configurable in the GUI too. Thanks for your suggestion!
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