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  1. Parts by other members: Direct any questions about these to the respective authors, not me - Naval Artillery System by Acea et al. - P.E.W. by LORDPrometheus - Heavy Ordnance Pack by Harpwner - Acea's Hydra-70 resupply box
  2. I know I'm likely asking a lot, but what about having AI airstrikes? Perhaps it can be done in 2 ways: ARMA II Simple Support Style: You target a location (GPS Or laser) and a plane spawns a distance away, approches and strikes the target, then flies away and despawns. The plane can be either a pre-made solid model, or you can set one of your planes, and it wil attack with the crafts weapons AI Bring along: Perhaps simpler. You just have a plane on standby in the area (either orbiting or landedà, and when you call a strike, it moves in and strikes
  3. Realy? Huh, musta missed that. Shame, I realy want the Seismic Charge (Even though I read you wont add it)
  4. Say Baha, whats next on the agenda for BDA? Perhaps you might want to consider making a new poll for the next major update?
  5. You could try and post the question in the steam group. Bigger chance he'll see it
  6. Oh lawd Baha, this is why I check this forum every day! I absolutly hate to ask, but do you have a ETA?
  7. The Maverick has bigger payload and range, the Hellfire has higher speed and smaller size, making it a more difficult target for AMS
  8. They are working on it, dont worry Also, no AWACS dish Baha?
  9. Gentlemen, I would like to remind you all that a steam group is made for BDA: With forums for sharing craft, discussions, craft requests, suggestions and finaly a Dev Updates
  10. Those are external seats I assume? Unless the turret allows it, the seats wont move. I'm no modder, but im pretty sure it needs colliders so the seats stick and Infernal Robotics stuff so the seats move
  11. Yoink, steam group is made. Gimmie a PM with you steam name Baha and ill add you as a officer, and a new avatar if you want one.
  12. Oh wow, this mod is getting better and better! We REALY do need a AWACS dish that only scans in a downwards hemisphere, and marks the contacts for friendly vehicles (like the IR and laser lock marks a target). Also, can a TGP be set to autotarget anything in range and detected by local/friendly radar? Oh noes, I use a emulator.