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  1. Thanks Z-Key. Works (somewhat) for me. Appreciate your help TB2
  2. Thanks for the feedback, stagerecovery is what I was looking for. TB2
  3. Thanks all for the informative feedback! I was wondering why my booster rockets were not being recovered even with parachutes. Now I can build even more economical rockets knowing this. TB2
  4. Do parts that have fallen into the water add $$ when a craft (flight) is recovered? Obviously they would have parachutes. If not, does it help (or matter) if they have flotation added to them? TB2
  5. Thanks Citizen247! I'll give that a try TB2
  6. MISSION QUESTION 1. YES I know FASA has not been updated, and I'm pretty sure that is what the main issue is, but, 2. Is there a way to edit a mission or contract it so I knows I've completed it? I "completed" the "test Gemini parachute landed at the moon" and it will not register as completed. I cannot deploy the chute because I'm on the ground. If I go up a bit, it will not deploy since I'm in space. I can simply delete the mission, but I sure would like to get the credits I've earned!!! I know of no other way to test the chute on the moon. Mostly curious. Thanks all! TB2
  7. Ok, thanks. Any feedback is better than none, especially when several are asking the question. Also, we used to be told to simply go into the config file and change to alphamap_A, (I believe). This has changed with the new configuration. So there USED to be a way to increase the cloud coverage. When this first came out, cloud coverage (I'm talking about the view from orbit, and / or map view), was nice! Now there are only a few puffs if any at all. I believe this is what everyone else (including me) is asking about. The cloud coverage at the Launchpad is OK, just the other views are whacked. Thanks again! TB2
  8. Why does the Kerbin cloud coverage question seem to be ignored? TB2
  9. I used to see Kerbin covered in clouds! Now I see almost no clouds when orbiting. How do I correct that please? Can I use the EVE menu and if so, how? Thank you, TB2
  10. Ok thanks. Looks like the Quick Mod is what I'm looking for. Thanks again
  11. Sorry if you felt offended by the "basic computer knowledge" comment. I have known many extremely intelligent people, including several with extensive technical knowledge about computer systems, who are still lacking in a wide base of basic computer knowledge. It was my mistake to assume specific familiarity; not intended to be an insult.

    1. TBryson2


      Ok, thanks.  No worries. Been a rough week & I guess I got sensitive.  You did put me on the right track for which I am grateful.  I knew there was a Linux link command (although I haven't used it in years). I googled mklink but got more confusing the more I read. You sent the command line I needed. (Well, sort of). LOL :lol:

      Thanks again. 


  12. Thank you for your help. I do appreciate it. Following your instructions, 1. I deleted the <YourKSPInstall>\CKAN\downloads folder, ran mklink per your instructions above, got the same failure result. 2. In the command line, I swapped the "link" and "target" (since the help information for mklink stated it to be this way,) and it worked. It now reads "mklink /d <YourKSPInstall>\CKAN\downloads <FolderOutsideYourSSD>" My <YourKSPInstall>\CKAN\downloads folder is now a successful link TO my other hard drives folder. I believe your original instructions had the "link" and "target" swapped.. Thank you for putting me on the right track. TB2
  13. I just tried these instructions & get "cannot create a file when that file already exists ". My target and source folders are empty. I am trying to link these two folders so all downloads go to the target drive\folder. Perhaps I'm missing something here? Also, don't intend to hijack this thread, but I don't seem to be the only one with this concern
  14. You have my interest, and now I have to research how to "symlink" a folder! Sounds like what I want to do. I'm assuming (yes, I know) that it links the original folder to another folder and files will dump there instead, regardless of what drive it is on. Well, either I'm exhausted or eat up with the dumbass, (I'm usually pretty good about this stuff) I'm having a hard time figuring it out for now. Thanks! TB2