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  1. The notion of being able to put things like sensors and batteries inside another part rather than having them stuck willy-nilly all over the outside of the craft is a good one... but how the hell does it work? I put a thermometer, pressure sensor, and battery pack inside the service bay in the VAB, but when I opened the bay in flight, it was empty.
  2. My issue has been resolved. I went through the entire directory tree of my KSP installation and deleted everything related to MechJeb (several folders and files), then reinstalled MechJeb2 from scratch. It now works, thank you.
  3. I tried starting a sandbox game. The AR-202 is available in the VAB... but there are two of them. One of them costs 550, the other 750. Their stats are identical, except that the cheaper model lists "Max SAS Torque: 5" and "Crew Capacity: 0." The more expensive model does not have value for either of these.
  4. The save file is persistent.sfs, right? What am I looking for? I deleted the redundant entries for the AR-202, but it still wasn't available in the VAB. I started a new game, flew a couple of missions to gain enough science to research Flight Control with the AR-202, and it's still not available. I guess my next step is to try deleting and reinstalling KSP.
  5. Sorry if this has been posted before, but, well... 384 pages to wade through. I installed MechJeb 2.1 by extracting the .zip into my GameData directory, per the instructions. There are now two subdirectories inside GameData: Squad and MechJeb2. I loaded my saved career game. The MechJeb part in the VAB says it requires an "Entry Purchase" in R&D. I went to the R&D lab, located the part in the "Flight Control" tech node (previously researched) and clicked on it, confirming when prompted that I wanted to research the part. I went back to the VAB... and the MchJeb AR-202 case still says it requires an Entry Purchase. Went back to R&D, now there are two MechJeb parts listed under Flight Control. Researched the part a second time, returned to VAB; same deal. I have now researched this part three times, and it is still not available for use. Do I need to start a new career game in order to use MechJeb2? There are no other mods installed.
  6. It would be enormously helpful, for those of us who aren't as experienced at eyeballing orbits, to have a tool for plotting burns and such. I envision it working something like: 1a) Choose a destination. OR 1b) Specify new orbit parameters (apoapsis, peroapsis, inclination). 2) Course tool shows you the optimal place to put a maneuver node, how long to burn and in what direction. I don't want it to do the burns for me, but it would be awesome if I had some help with the math.
  7. I have finally succeeded in doing a Munar flyby. I originally intended to do a full-on orbital insertion; but, well, I got into Kerbin orbit and found I didn't have quite enough fuel to both enter Munar orbit and get back to Kerbin, so I ended up doing a flyby instead. My Kerbin orbit was slightly inclined, due to some instability on the way up, and my final orbit ended up being both highly eccentric (extending about two-thirds of the way to Minmus' orbit) and highly inclined (roughly 60 degrees). Hilariously, when I did my retrograde burn to bring my perikee down to the surface, I actually reversed direction, so technically I never did complete a full orbit of any body. My capsule consisted of the Mk1 command pod, with a nose chute, two goo cans and a battery attached, sitting on a materials lab with three landing legs and two radial chutes. The legs turned out to be completely superfluous, as I came down in one of the oceans, but I was damned glad I put the extra parachutes on it as the materials lab actually survived to be recovered (another first for me). Total science gained: 166, bringing me to a total of 183 and allowing me to access three more tech nodes.
  8. So, it's early days yet at the Kerbin Space Agency, and the LV-909 is my go-to motor for orbiter stages. I'm not quite up to landing, yet. Trouble is, it produces no electricity, meaning no transmissions and limited SAS run-time. Both the LVT-30 and LVT-45 produce power when running, why not the LV-909?
  9. So, I was just thinking the other day that what KSP really needed was an SAS that didn't resist control inputs. I logged in this evening (after being away for some months), and what do I find? Not only have career mode and a tech tree been implemented, but the basic command pod now includes SAS... that doesn't resist control inputs! Happy day!
  10. Unbelievable. 0.20 drops the day I go to my parents' to house-sit. RARGH.
  11. Well, I fixed the problem... somehow. I swapped the rear-mounted elevators for canards, and now I can get off the ground. For a few moments, anyway. Once the nose starts going up, I can't stop it from going up. Fortunately, I had the foresight to put a decoupler right behind the cockpit, stick four of those little (Separotron?) rockets on the cockpit to boost it away from the fuselage, and a parachute to get it back on the ground safely. Turns out that was pretty brilliant of me, because the escape-capsule cockpit saved Jeb's life.
  12. So, I've decided to start experimenting with spaceplanes, and I notice that control surfaces seem a little wonky. My plane has a pair of delta wings, each with a regular control surface for an aileron, a pair of winglets that tilt up and down to act as elevators, and a tail fin with a small control surface for a rudder. The wonkiness is as follows: the ailerons are directly counteracting the elevators when I enter pitch commands. When pressing S ("pitch up"), the elevators pitch down, which would indeed cause the nose to pitch up, but the ailerons also pitch down, countering the elevators and causing my plane to stay glued to the runway. The reverse is also true: when pressing W, the elevators and ailerons both pitch up, cancelling each other out. Curiously, roll commands work fine: when pressing E to roll right, the starboard aileron and elevator pitch up and down respectively, while the port aileron and elevator pitch down and up respectively. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. Just bought the game last night. I am honestly surprised that no one has made something like this before (that I know of, anyway). Is there a way to get the map to display more data? Specifically, orbital eccentricity and inclination, and a ship's orientation in all three axes. Having to flip back and forth between the map and the camera to make sure I'm not about to bugger my orbit is a bit of a pain.
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