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  1. It looks like something out of Megaman... this is still pretty cool though.
  2. Read the blags! In them they said that the basic career mode will be in .21, read the blags people!
  3. How are you making this? Like, what programming language, what engine, etc.?
  4. It's not the size of the object that turns it into a gas giant, it's the density. It is quite possible that an immense, rocky planet can form AND have a similar gravitational field as Earth's. And like Magnemoe said, Mercury has a higher density compared to Earth's, and it could easily be the other way around for other planets.
  5. Does it matter? NEIN, as in it doesn't matter.
  6. Guys remember, I do the ones that make the most sense to me, the ones that inch the lack of a plot forward, and the ones that I like the most. Don't take it personally if I don't chose one of your commands, and commands that I haven't done are probably ones that you shouldn't repeat. If I don't use one for an update then I probably won't use it soon.
  7. (No battery juice yet, if it is confusing to follow what has been made and what hasn't please say so)
  8. Granted, but it is actually Kwanza Super-Party I wish that my cat could talk
  9. (Ok guys hopefully I can get these out faster than I have been lately) NOTE: The battery juice hasn't been made yet
  10. You notice the gratuitous yet necessary amount of struts is on that behemoth? Also collapses like what? I don't get it.
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