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  1. The SM-2, SM-3, SM-4 and SE-4-OMNI Structural parts of Near Future Construction connection nodes that are non-aligned to the part itself, floating above the part.
  2. /// H-Tek Enterprises - Division H-T - We present you: H-Tek Mun-Orbit Ker-Base Mk1 /// /// Picture of Masterpiece - http://imgur.com/FmaOBD5,Mbu6Vbt,GGodm6B /// /// Total Mass of Utility - 23 unities (22,850 to be exact) /// /// Utility's .CRAFT file - http://www./?1egwkoarnhxr3se /// /// Developers Name - Anthony (AKA H-Tek CEO Hans ) /// /// Description - A Not-So-Simplistic Orbital base for all of you kerbal needs, contains space for 8 Kerbals and has 48 Parts - I will let you choose what keys you want for solars /// /// /// - Message Ended: Sent to> Harv - Sent By> H-Tek Enterprises CEO: Hans
  3. Hello, My name is Anthony, More known as the H-tek Enterprises CEO "Hans". Soo... Im kinda bored of Stock KSP Parts and i want some more Action. The mods that already exist are boring or not well done or even not updated to 1.9! So i want some help with modding some parts. the main are: Fuel tanks, Generators, solar Panels, Command pods (The probe ones), And some Thrusters... i mean Engines! PAWERFUL ENGINES! (Aw!stop punching me Jeb! I already said it!) So if anyone do want to help me mod contact me back and i will add you in skype so it will be easyer (PS: I have a little of knowledge about it(I can only modify actual existing parts) so it will be easyer. but i will still need help at the basics in the start )