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  1. Will this mod ever be updated to current KSP versions?

  2. Hello. Are you able to update this mod to 1.6? I really would like to use this when im venting my falcon 9 (or any other rocket) on the launch pad.

    1. rkfnql322


      Well, I'll be discharged from ROKA soon. After then, I'll be able to update the mod. Thanks for your lasting interest in my mod.&)

  3. Many of you have suggested low ISP engine but there was little technical(?) problem so I just used the partmodule overide. The issue with low isp engine was complexity of code. I couldn't find a proper way to change engine mode with condition(heat). And the particle effect is much hard subject. The simplest way I could choose was the way using the partmodule.
  4. Hmm.. Ksp had so many changes and making glitches even from very simple code. I'm still working on it. Maybe I should disable the fx for a while until its fixed.
  5. I have updated my part to 1.2 and its showing very odd phenomenon. One is, it gets some strut menu when specific code is included in plugin. Such as OnInitialize or OnLoad etc. And now, its not showing in editor but it shows up after i start flight. And until the part is first enabled. The two is, when timewarped short, it disappears. But its not. It follows the craft far back. I think these are some joint update related problem and Im not getting any sense. If anyone knows how does it work and has any tip.
  6. MOD UPDATED!!! 20161016a 1.Changed version naming rule. 2.Enhanced Effect in fast speed. 3.KSP1.2 compatibality(...right?) updated. **curse may be late since It has to go though review.
  7. holy magic. You just ended my problem in 1 sentence. Now we can update the mod. amazing. thanks. thanks^10000.
  8. Hello, I'm developer of Dump & Burn. I'm tring to upgrade my mod to 1.2. But having some trouble. When flown about 150~200m from the surface, The particle effect moves together with the ship. not like smoke trail. However, if flown under the specific alt, it works right just like photo #2. I'm attaching the code and the screenshot of unity. Need your help. namespace sakyDST { public class ModuleFueldump : PartModule { [KSPField(guiActive = true, guiActiveEditor = false, guiName = "Status", isPersistant = true)] string status; [KSPField(guiActive = false, guiActiveEditor = false, guiFormat = "F1", guiName = "Fuel Amount", guiUnits = " ℓ", isPersistant = true)] double fuel; [KSPField(guiActive = true, guiActiveEditor = true, guiFormat = "F1", guiName = "Nozzle Size", guiUnits = " cm²", isPersistant = true), UI_FloatRange(affectSymCounterparts = UI_Scene.Editor, controlEnabled = true, maxValue = 10f, minValue = 0.1f, scene = UI_Scene.Editor)] float nozzleSize; [KSPField(guiActive = false, guiActiveEditor = false, guiFormat = "F0", guiName = "Tanks found", isPersistant = true)] int tanks; [KSPAction("Toggle Nozzle")] public void ActionToggle(KSPActionParam ap) { EventToggle(); } [KSPAction("Open Nozzle")] public void ActionOpen(KSPActionParam ap) { part.enabled = true; } [KSPAction("Close Nozzle")] public void ActionClose(KSPActionParam ap) { part.enabled = false; } [KSPAction("Heat Up Nozzle")] public void ActionHeat(KSPActionParam ap) { part.temperature = 500; } [KSPEvent(active = true, externalToEVAOnly = false, guiActive = true, guiActiveEditor = false, guiActiveUncommand = false, guiActiveUnfocused = false, name = "toggleNozzle", guiName = "Toggle Nozzle")] public void EventToggle() { part.enabled = !part.enabled; } KSPParticleEmitter smoke; KSPParticleEmitter flame; public void initializeFX() { smoke. foreach (KSPParticleEmitter fx in part.FindModelComponents<KSPParticleEmitter>()) { if (fx.name == "emit") smoke = fx; if (fx.name == "burn") flame = fx; } smoke.emit = false; flame.emit = false; } public void CheckFx() { int ignitionTemp = 400; if (part.enabled) { if (part.temperature < ignitionTemp) { smoke.emit = true; flame.emit = false; } else { smoke.emit = false; flame.emit = true; } } else { smoke.emit = false; flame.emit = false; } } public void Update() { print("Update"); CheckFx(); statusDisplay(); } public override void OnUpdate() { print("onUpdate"); EstimateFuel(); consumeFuel(); base.OnUpdate(); } public override void OnLoad(ConfigNode node) { print("onLoad"); nozzleSize = float.Parse(node.GetValue("nozzleSize")); part.enabled = false; base.OnLoad(node); } public override void OnInitialize() { print("onInitialize"); initializeFX(); part.enabled = false; base.OnInitialize(); } public void statusDisplay() { status = part.enabled ? "Opened" : "Closed"; } public void consumeFuel() { if (part.temperature >= 400) { status += " / T:" + part.temperature + "K"; } foreach (Part p in vessel.parts) { foreach (PartResource r in p.Resources) { if (r.resourceName == "LiquidFuel" && r.amount > 0) { r.amount -= nozzleSize / tanks * UnityEngine.Time.deltaTime; if (r.amount < 0) r.amount = 0; } } } } public void EstimateFuel() { double tmpfuel = 0; int tmptanks = 0; foreach (Part p in vessel.parts) { foreach (PartResource r in p.Resources) { if (r.resourceName == "LiquidFuel") { tmpfuel += r.amount; tmptanks++; } } } fuel = tmpfuel; tanks = tmptanks; if (fuel <= 0) { status = "TANK EMPTY"; part.enabled = false; } } } } There's no altitude related code nor world, local settings. The second problem is, The part has autostruct/root part? option until it once enabled. After enabled, those menues disappear. Sometimes, the part disappears without any explosion, debrief(F3). Sometimes, it flys chasing me or just fly to other direction. And its not detached, so I can turn on, turn off the nozzle while its flying. I don't know whats going on. Help me. Please...
  9. Update is being delayed due to somekind of node problem. It's detached and the smoke effect is here and there and i'm not grabbing the situatioin. confused. very counfusing.
  10. I'm updating my fuel dump nozzle to 1.2 from 1.1.3. I was using unity 5.4 and in 1.1.3, I could compile my nozzle with ksp particle effect with part tools. but when i try to compile it like that and try in KSP, I cannot fine my part. Did part tools changed? how? Can't we complie the FX with part tools from now?
  11. hmm.. my part model is not being loaded..
  12. And mine comes with cool nozzle and effect. Yeah. But I dont know why the mod is not popular than i expected.
  13. Well, I see your point. Since there's so little feedbacks than I expected, Your suggestions counts big. Maybe I'm gonna keep or improve **FIRE FARTING** more easy or interesting. There will be much more ways to make the mod interesting.
  14. Me too. And I just made my own mod. Thanks dude. Comments are always welcome. LOL fire fart. Should I retain the heat up function for easier fire farting?...