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  1. Currently testing a new supersonic, high altitude research/imaging aircraft. Currently sitting at 30k meters at 1300m/s or 2900mph.
  2. Following up on this post from last night, the temp hab module for the future construction crew has landed along with the rover that will work with an orbiting satellite to find the most abundant location for mining, the satellite has already narrowed it down to this landing site & the rover will find the final point. They rover was detached from the module & slowly moved to the side & down using a sky crane as pictured. All portions of this mission have been remotely controlled. The first 2 crew members consisting of a pilot & engineer is already on route from Kerbin & should arrive within in 6 days aboard the Minmus Crew Vehicle which will fairy crew & small to medium size cargo from the surface to the future refueling station.
  3. Launched the comsats & mapping satellite to Minmus to prepare for arrival of drilling equipment for the future deep space refueling station.
  4. Thank you EDIT: 10/27/2010 Thanks so much for these 2 mods, my agency has already launched 10 rockets & have landed 7 of those dead center, other 3 were lost due to fueling error. We've also managed to return 2nd stages from LKO with an unrelated ingenious heat shielding method I came up with lol.
  5. Forgive me this is probably a dumb question, but I've been away A VERY LONG time so maybe something has changed. How is one supposed to land the boosters AND continue onto orbit?
  6. Any idea what could be causing this? Most of my editing options for parts disappear about 2-3 minutes into my game. This was an occasional issue for a while now & a restart fixed it but now it happens every time. I see the errors in the log file but idk how to detect the issue it stems from. I've attached the log as a google drive file because every time I try to create a spoiler box or paste the contents the page freezes. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mbc2J5l8Ds755Y3bq_1ul6Ok0Jb-fLUT/view?usp=sharing
  7. Not I!!! Rendezvous & docking are one of my fav things to do, I enjoy the finesse.
  8. I do extensive testing of all new rocket designs before be putting into manned service so my kill count is somehow only 3 in the last 9 years lol. All 3 occurred during the same event, 2 on mission, 1 on the ground at KSC. 2 crew CM was on re-entry into Kerbin after a crew change at Trinity Station-Kerbin. A KOS scripting error on my part caused the chutes to deploy near the end of the burn in & forces tore them from the capsule. I focus on easy recovery & reuse so I always land at KSC or just off the coast. The CM plummeted to the ground & had been in a slight flip due to the chutes deploying early & it altered the landing site by about 0.6km, which...& I still to this day can't believe this, like finding a needle in a haystack, it landed right next to a refueling truck near the SPH & exploded, killing the driver. Since that day I ALWAYS record all launches & returns in case something once in a lifetime like that happens again.
  9. Using autopilot isn't cheating, there is literally no good argument against AP. "But NASA has to program their AP" yea they are also lifelong career rocket scientists, sit down & let people play. Agreed, I use RemoteTech & simply put 3 sats spaced in GSO with the 2.5m omni & then whatever the strongest dish is I have at the time & leave the target set to active vessel. When I research a bigger dish I'll launch 3 new ones & deorbit the old ones. The 3 sats are always in contact with each other from KSC with the omni & allow LKO ops & the dish on each set to active vessel pretty much guarantees 100% universe coverage except for brief times planets may block signal. Also if I'm doing ground ops on a body other than Kerbin I can normally send a small relay with the original launch to release in a high eccentric orbit over said body to provide comms during operations.
  10. Ok, so did a limited search cause I'm not really sure what to search for.... This is very minor & not a big deal but my OCD & desire to be a 100% completionist it drives me CRAZY!!!! Idk why I've waited so many years to ask this. Is there any way to stop science from appearing in the R&D Archives if its 100% empty? I use a few mods like KEI & x science which is displaying science in the R&D archives even if I haven't done them & it drives me INSANE! Sure I could just do them but some I will NEVER run in some of the situations because it don't make sense & I like realism, like I'm not going to run "Rocket Fuel" experiments or experiments meant for a space station at the KSC therefor I don't want it cluttering up my archives. Any fixes or suggestions by chance? Thanks!
  11. Been away sorry, with the addition of a stock container I will no longer be updating this or doing anything else with it. However, it still works with the current version if you still wanna use it.
  12. Noted, thank you. I'll remove it at some point, I've been away for a few years & did not realize AVC has changed.
  13. v2.0 RELEASE (06/04/2020) - Added the ability to "collect all" science from the vessel the container is attached to by right clicking on the container. - Added "Collect All" to the action group abilities. This now effectively functions exactly like the stock science container.
  14. How is everyone making tail rotors for their helis? The included turbo engines are entirely too large for the purpose & cannot be re-scaled. I'm having trouble building a heli due to these & I have no desire to use 2 main rotors spinning opposite one another. P.S. I'm beyond disappointed that they released ENGINES, rotors & blades, etc with 0 sound....dafuq?
  15. This is working for KSP v1.6 Will update Spacedock download as soon as 1.6 shows up on the website, however the download is current.
  16. Absolutely, I use TacLS, would not play without it.
  17. Dropped the first section of my south pole research station out the back of my C-4E GlobeEagle, although I forgot to take photos of the drop itself here is a photo after turning around ti fly back home. You can see the aurora with the Mun in the background.
  18. Why did I not think of that? Lol, I have tried to decouple then open but never a slow open! Success! 5/5 so far during tests between 120-180m/s at 1200m altitude. I start at 1 and slowly open to 52% where she exits the aircraft intact! Thanks everyone! It slides out if you are pitched up a few degrees. 2.5m round its almost a perfect fit.
  19. As stated I've tried dropping nothing but the lab with the same result. As stated also, I've also tried this with the same result yet pod's and some other parts with the same tolerance or less exit the aircraft just fine. Not possible with my engine configuration. Prefer not to quote "cheat" other parts of similar stats work. Will try this later today when I play again, never thought about it thanks.
  20. I've been focusing very heavily lately on exploring Kerbin itself and am doing so with atmospheric flight. Anyway, I've had great success so far driving rovers into the cargo bay of the MK3 then letting them roll out down the ramp over my drop sites. However, I'd like to setup a science lab on the poles. I have been testing and practicing dropping things off the coast of KSC for the last 2 days and cannot get anything other than pods to not explode upon exiting the cargo bay down the ramp. I'm not sure whats going on, I've dropped the science lab going as slow as 120 m/s and the second it makes contact with the air it blows up but the landing legs and parachute survive. I've tried all different kinds of chutes hell even no chutes to see if they were the culprit and even if its just the lab it explodes as soon as it leaves the bay. Any ideas on how to get this to work? I'll be using the same method to resupply the base with life support items should I ever get this thing working. On a side note I've already flown and dropped the rover that will be used up there and it was a success. ...and yes, I know I could launch it on a rocket but that's not the point. P.S. Also, its not a collision with the hull causing the explosion, I've also tried setting the decoupler to 0 and let it fall onto the floor and slide out and it was fine until it left the plane. P.S.S. I've also tried encasing it in a faring and even still....as soon as it leaves the aircraft it explodes, even inside the fairing yet the faring and everything attached to the lab survives. So as you can see I've tried almost everything I can think of and it won't work. ANY IDEAS?!?!?! Thanks!
  21. Current version: 2.5 for KSP 1.12.2 License: CC Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've been using this part for a while now since the stock one is way too big for some rovers and pods and I don't like to take up so much space to return multiple copies of an experiment. Any way I searched all over for something that would work, and this is all I was able to find, and it was way out of date and did not function with 1.5.1. The mod was originally made by Talisar but he has not been around for a very long time and the license grants me the write to continue to work on it so here it is in case someone else has the same needs I do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- v 2.5 (12/15/2021) - Updated for KSP 1.12.2 v 2.0 (06/04/2020) - Added the ability to "collect all" science from the vessel the container is attached to by right clicking on the container. - Added "Collect All" to the action group abilities. v 1.0.3 (06/02/2020 - Updated for KSP v 1.9.1 v 1.0.2 (12/20/2018 - Updated for KSP v1.6 v 1.0 (12/03/2018) - Reconfigured folder structure and updated all cfg files for KSP v1.5.1 Available on CKAN Download from Spacedock
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