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  1. The cut off is not correctly working for me. It runs experiments with 0 science although the cut off is set to 2.
  2. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I have a stage with 3 FL-T400 und 1 LV-T30 and two mk2-r radial shutes and the get lost with 100 terminal velocity. Before 1.0 this was not a problem at all.
  3. I can confirm, that my normal contracts a working after deleting the DM-contracts directly from my save file.
  4. That explains why I can't cancel the DMagic contracts and also can't complete any other contracts. Thanks.
  5. Same here and I have no problems to log in into the store. /edit: After deleting the Patcher.exe I can start the Update, but it says: "Unable to authenticate with the server: Received malformed data from the server: File not found."
  6. Wasn't that in issue with experiments from "flagpole"?
  7. Thanks, I will try it. Although I don't have unlocked the tanks he's using yet.
  8. I like the new features, but at the moment I am really really really frustrated that I can't get a rocket into orbit in my normal difficulty carreer save. I played nearly ten hours straight and I'm unable to build a rocket with enough delta-v. So I don't like to play anymore at the moment.
  9. So, because I'm terrible with timezones. The stream starts Saturday, 2015-04-25 18:00:00 UTC. Yes?
  10. Is it possible that mods like mechjeb or kerbal engineer can show the current TWR of the engine?
  11. I had the same problem with a nuclear engine which had a eletriccharge storage of 0. Changing it to 1 in the part config cleared the issue for me.
  12. I could be wrong, but isn't KSP already large address aware? AFAIK a program without this can only manage up to 2GiB of RAM, but KSP already uses up to 4GiB of RAM.