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  1. Moho, Eve, Gilly, Kerbin, Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike, Dres, Jool, Laythe, Vall, Tylo, Bop, Pol, Eeloo. Me at first: "Huh? What's... huh... that's a lot of words... wait... there's some moons... wait! Clever..."
  2. ... I like this idea. Time to see what the big man has to say about it as soon as he's de-officed.
  3. Why thank you! Most impressive... My goal now is to replicate that - that is if my measly, dual-core laptop i5 can take it. I think it might be able to. I hope. Maybe. *Whimper*
  4. See... I don't think FAR-like aerodynamics in the stock game would be a good thing. I *love* FAR, but... I feel as though this game already has a bit of a steep learning curve already with planes - I took me a long time to get the hang of them, but now they're my favorite form of spacecraft. I feel as though Squad should partner with FAR and promote it: casual players who like the stock aerodynamics can stay with them - that's fine. People like me, who like a bit more realism, can get FAR! Maybe there could also be somewhere in between, as others on this thread have suggested. I know that if FAR aerodynamics had been in the game when I first tried making planes... I probably would have gotten frustrated and given up, never finding my favorite form of transportation. Remember: a game like this needs a blend of accessibility and realism: FAR gives the realism but takes away some of the accessibility, in my opinion. Anyways, that's just my 2 cents.
  5. Just a side matter: that's been my laptop wallpaper for a few months now. That should give you some idea of how important you are to the community.
  6. Well... this might sound a bit silly, but... if you want to return to the old level of Whackjob-Ness, maybe... ignore the new parts. I know I did; as someone who plays mostly sandbox, the new parts feel a bit unbalanced and OP... so I just ignored them. You want a challenge, Whack? build something big enough that it's a struggle to lift it with the 3.75 meter parts. Better yet, build one ship. One ship that will intercept an asteroid and land it on Kerbin. It dosen't matter what size. No parachutes. No 3.75 meter parts. No refueling. No orbital assembly. Just you, boosters, lag, and the forums. I mean, if you really wanted to go for it, land 5 asteroids next to each other in order of size. If you want to know my opinion: Do what you want. Do whatever you find fun. We'll love it anyways.
  7. Keptin... Thank you so, so much. I just figured that since I "knew" who made it, I should probably ask permission. It's just that most other explanations were unclear. Explaining it in words would have taken too long, due to the 2 1/2 minute time limit for the presentation. The fair's tomorrow, I'll let you know how it went. Unfortunately, the school has a blanket ban on pictures... If they catch you, it's grounds for suspension/expulsion. However, if I ever get to take it home perhaps I could take some pictures to show. In any case, If you want the info or report, just ask and I can upload them. Again, thank you!
  8. Hey, Keptin. First of all, thanks for the great tutorial. However... I'm doing a science project on the aerodynamics of paper planes with a buddy of mine. This thread first inspired us to come up with that idea. However, that's besides the point. We're doing our board right now, and were wondering: may we please print out the section of the guide where you explain the CoL with pictures and show it on our board? Just the part with the different wings with no fuelage and the blue CoL dot in the center. We will not modify it in any way, nor claim that it is ours or that we made it. You will be given full credit in the bilbliography. It's just... a really great visual explanation for the other students who will come by to look, far better than anything else we could find online... or draw.
  9. So... I'm sure I'm not the first to wonder this, but... are you going to be doing anything wih the new R.A.I.P.E.R. engines? In my personal experience so far, they make building SSTOs really, really easy... on my first try, I threw together 2 jet fuel tanks, 2 FLT 800s, and 2 R.A.I.P.E.Rs... and got into a 250 km orbit on first launch. WIth the jets/rockets combination, everyhing has taken at least 6 or 7 launches to work out. However, I would say that they are just short of being OP. (One nice thing is the instant response to throttle change in airbreathing mode... so nice...) I still think, however, that Jet + Rockets is still the better option... I mean, I sent one of my spaceplanes to a duna landing without refueling using two nukes... if that's possible with the new engines without boatloads of rocket fuel, then I'll eat my metaphorical hat. Also, the efficacy of the of the nukes means that you need less rocket fuel, which translates to less jet fuel to lift the rocket fuel, which results in smaller, faster, sleeker craft. TL;DR: The new engines are just short of OP, but for me, Jet + Nuke combos are stil superior. Will you be doing any designs with the R.A.P.I.E.Rs?
  10. Erhm... am I the only one listening to a ten-hour loop of "Mars, Bringer of War"? I think I am.
  11. Words words words words words! I know what I'm doing, I'm a professionalist! No need to worry! *Kaboom*
  12. Wait... has it... has it... stopped? That... that can't be true... no... that's impossible! How?
  13. Guys, call in the webmasters! We need to reinforce the mainframe - get some more liquid cooling over here!
  14. Wow... I think I can hear the forum server smoki- 502 BAD GATEWAY
  15. Very, very nice is all I can say. Simply wonderful.