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  1. 10/10 error: No comment required. Restarting system.
  2. pxi is 3 letters. 3 sides of Illuminati triangle. pxi is Illuminati confirmed.
  3. 0/10 One does not simply rule ​Venus.
  4. *swish* For the record, my avatar is the flag of the Chinese Air Force.
  5. But before big bad brother Billy badly built big bad blue bomb bunker bursting, bad blue bombs; bad, Big belly button Bob Bought big bad blue beds by best buy. Bye Big brother Bill Benny backstroke bad baths.
  6. "Co byste chtÄ›li ... hablar? 당신ì—Â게 싶지 마 ... build a rocket?" ^ Czech ^ Spanish ^ Korean ^English The languages of the world.
  7. Ok, we have absolutely NO idea what is going on here!
  8. Fuso.... that brings back angry memories from a game I played recently...
  9. Granted. It looks like a rocket at the speed of light about to slam into your face. I wish more people could identify flags correctly.
  10. 1086: A gigantic flash is seen over the territory of the Spacus Republic. A big explosion is detected a few kilometers away from the space center. When the kerbals get there, they discover a big ship with a bunch of laser-armed snowmen. Hostile ones. 1086.000000000001: Laser Snowmen declare war on the Spacus Republic. 1091: Spacus Republic falls to the laser-armed snowmen. LAS-controlled territory converted into the Republic of Winter. (No, this is NOT a Frozen thing. It's just aliens setting up a base on Kerbin.)
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