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  1. I heavily agree. When you have a thousand instruments on your probe you're trying to activate but when you zoom in it goes to the center if the rocket, not the actual probe.
  2. Unmanned capsules have less torque than manned capsules. This means its harder to control them. Try putting an ASAS or SAS module on there and see if that helps.
  3. Great tutorial! Also on part 3, in the quotation marks did you mean "strafing", as in strafe?
  4. Kerbals pass out if there is more than a certain amount of G-force. Then you would be really screwed.
  5. 25. Solar escape using only ion engines 26. Launch off of Eve using only ion engines Which is harder?
  6. I was landing on Minmus, when I realized I overestimated the rotation of the moon and that I was going to land on a hill. When I landed on the side of the hill, I decided to roll down to get to more level ground. Rockets are more explosive than I thought Don't worry Jeb, I'll save you! Some day! Not on my priorities! Ok, you might be there a while.
  7. Thats a great idea! It sounds just like YOLO (You Only Launch Once)! After all, that is probably the life story of every Kerbal! *Countdown* *WOOSH* *BOOM*
  8. [/url From when I was changing my signature.
  9. In 9001, 1009 9001's were launched into orbit around 1009 at a speed of 9001, which caused 1009 nations to ban the use of 9001 memes. 1009 people rebelled the 9001 Act of 1009, which caused 9001 people to die, resulting in 1009 less people on 9001.
  10. The orbits also aren't stable if they exit the body's SOI. ex. Moho's SOI is ~11,000,000 m, and the synchronous orbit is at ~31,000,000 m.
  11. * Times you forgot to use struts * Times you forgot the parachute * Times you forgot the landing legs * Times you forgot Jumbo Rockomax + Mainsail = BOOM * Times you forgot to add MOAR boosters
  12. Today I sent a brave kerbonaut on an solar escape trajectory, and returned to Kerbin from a solar orbit(different vehicle).
  13. I always go with 4 legs, and then just try to hit the surface at a low velocity. You should also listen to that guy^^.
  14. If its in an eccentric orbit, get into an eccentric orbit with it. After that, its just as trivial as a standard docking and return.
  15. 1. Why do you need the rocket? Depending on what you're using it for, you could make the rocket smaller and possibly easier to put ladders on it. 2. Why do you need ladders? As stated above, on the lower gravity objects ladders aren't really necessary, and depending on what you're doing, you could just omit the ladders completely.