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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for keeping this going!
  2. Does this mean we get multiplayer? or is that KSP 2 ?
  3. just wanted to say awesome job on this! pretty dang cool.
  4. it couldve been worse, like 2013....
  5. I see the list of released AddOns thread is missing too, lol, I thought I was going crazy not being able to find it.. I am guessing this is the thread I was looking for:
  6. Well, I got mine when I was Tattooing back in 1992. The one biker said I had this Sinister look on my face while I was tattooing, like I liked to give people pain, so he started calling me Sinister, and well, it caught on and everyone started calling me that. So I go by Sinister or Mr. Sinister
  7. yeah, I disabled the "Over-G" sound..... lol I hated that part, but I know when I am going "Over-G" anyway so it's no problem.