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  1. Because they do have that torque. It's just that torque is related to mass and the smaller pods have smaller mass leading to lower resulting torque.
  2. No reason we can't both do it Here's the flag I'm using (I made it a while back and I haven't yet had the chance to put it anywhere):
  3. After launching a bunch of satellites in Kerbin orbit, I decided to send Jeb. He arrived without enough fuel to land so I left him in Mun orbit and sent a RESCUE MISSION. It went okay. NEXT ON BATTLESTAR KERBAL: We send Jeb back to the Mun... with enough fuel, this time.
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    It's just a rock, Ironwatsas Kerman. Stop asking questions.
  5. Hey all, I'm a new guy to Kerbal and I've spent a couple hours messing around with the game and trying to get a small satellite into orbit. So yesterday, I put up a small Stayputnik satellite into orbit. It had a few sensors on it for fun, an antenna and a few solar panels. I decoupled the final fuel tank and I was done. But when I tried to return to the space station (through the menu) the button was disabled. I had to "End Flight" instead. Why? My satellite was now marked as debris and I couldn't go to it to see the readings/check out the kerbin view. Am I missing something? I'd like to fix
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