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  1. Why care about debris and part recovery when it's impossible to run out of money? Let those debris populate your planet in order to substitute the other Kerbals that aren't astronauts.
  2. Wobbly rockets are considered a 'novel feature' of KSP. Wouldn't make any sense to easily give you controls to turn it off.
  3. That's a very elaborate descritption for "dumbing down our gameplay. Of course players are capable of launching rockets, but are too dumb to do economics management."
  4. Mine don't know how to read nor write, so they're safe from the abomination of contracts. Hooray for illiteration.
  5. A bunch of men can only dream about that, really. Keep in mind how many people have complained about this already and what reactions happened ( mine doesn't count for reasons you well know ). From the usual rain of fanboys to thread locking "because of derailling" ( which also happens to be on the top 5 list of reasons mods state to lock threads ). Apparently, some improvement has happened. A little video here. A FAQ there. In practice, those things are...not really necessary and seldom seem like SQUAD answering the pleas for transparency that transpire. As my usual self, I'll argument that there's no roadmap, at least no roadmap we can see.
  6. The Oscar B fuel doesn't even have a fuel readout on the stage column thingy. Radial attachment is the least of your problems.
  7. But you forgot the bullet point of what you said. When Scott Manley does livestream, he doesn't stream KSP for very long and quickly jumps to play other games afterwards. So, his livestreams are not KSP-Centric, as even he is aware that KSP can be a boring game to watch, otherwise we wouldn't have two different types of time acceleration in the game. Apart from Scott Manley and a few select people, LPers rarely provide useful commentary in their videos, and livestreaming is all about crowd control and keep your viewers entertained.
  8. You wouldn't know, because of NDA reasons.
  9. I never mentioned features. Have you noticed how the game is not as modular as it looks even though it is highly moddable? And that most mods that add features to the core game (Planet Factory for example) end up making the game really unstable? The game also has serious resource usage issues, that render the game unstable if not satisfied. The game works, but it's too...raw at the moment. Considering how career mode is affecting the game as is, it might go to a point that you can't change the core game anymore without reworking everything. In essence, we're talking about painting a wall that wasn't even leveled and grouted to receive paint.
  10. The problem is when you do the opposite. As soon as you get used to FAR, you'll find hard to fly using the stock aerodynamics. Everything has to be heavy and clunky and have tons of thrust to fly. Planes steer like bricks and have little to no control authority. Simple things that make sense in FAR can't be done in stock, because you're flying on air that's made out of oil. And other things.
  11. I'm not playing the game so...You can break save compatibility all day long. I'm not caring a bit.
  12. Mas aí entra o negócio do interesse. Como KSP não é um jogo terminado, meio que se dispensa a análise demográfica de mercado e estratégias de marketing pra atingir públicos específicos. Já se assume que o público ao qual KSP é direcionado tem conhecimento da língua inglesa, dispensando a necessidade de adicionais. Uma vez que inglês é a "lingua globalizada", é mais fácil fazer nela. E tem outra coisa. O povo brasileiro em geral, seja por falta de cultura, alienação e ou também porque adoram ficar adulando estrangeiros acabam por desprezar conteúdo em português. Só notar o que fazem (com exceções) quando sai algum jogo em português e dublado. No geral, não há um interesse primário do próprio público de jogadores do Brasil em consumir conteúdo na língua nativa.
  13. More focus on getting the CORE GAME DONE and less focus on features that should be considered, for the lack of a better term, icing on the cake.