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  1. That's odd, I was still able to reach orbit with my second launch, though I couldn't do an EVA. Perhaps you were using unconventional methods to get into orbit? I just used a simple 2-stage launcher.
  2. These are realy nice, but have you considered using pr ocedural parts? They allow much more accurate rockets. Also, I don't know if you know this, but the SLS launch vehicle will carry payloads for asteroid and mars missions before the mars missions begin.
  3. Well no matter how many times I re-download/re-install the game it has the same result.
  4. I somewhat solved this issue by reading another thread. I lowered the texture quality from full-res to half-res and was able to play the game for nearly half an hour before it crashed. You'd think that a GTX 750M could handle 900p but oh well.
  5. That is correct YANFRET. However, I believe that the problem lies with the base game, and not any of the mods I'm using. I notice that when I first launch the game, it is already using about 3.1GB of memory. That is a bit high without having any mods. - - - Updated - - - Well, it's likely that it's not a memory issue, since it crashes in different places. The next time it crashes, I will upload the log files for you.
  6. There is a .log file but it doesn't have any useful information on it. The last few entries show startup information(like loading X mod), and there are no errors to speak of. EDIT: Ok, here are the last few entries from both the Player.log file and the KSP.log file. Both stop whenever I try to open the VAB, and that's when it stops responding. I noticed that by removing both the squad folders and the NASA mission folders, I was able to load into the VAB for a few seconds. NOTE: I was mistaken about my mods. I was using Chaka Monkey Exploration and Mechjeb. I added a few more in case there
  7. KSP: 0.25.0 OS X Problem: Running out of memory with 2 mods. Mods Installed: Chaka Monkey Exploration and Mechjeb Reproduction Steps: Try to open the game with just those two mods installed. Log: A log file was not printed.
  8. Hm...I have a feeling that Infinity War will be about the Infinity Gauntlet, and either Thanos or Adam Warlock would be the villain. It could also include more of those Cosmic Cubes like the one they had in the first Avengers movie. Now I need to get thinking on who would make a good Adam Warlock... Now, Thor: Ragnarok is interesting. Interesting because it happens during the Civil War, which is possibly the setting for the Captain America movie. I'm not sure how it will all play out, since The Avengers was created AFTER the evens of the Civil War, but it'll be interesting to see what happ
  9. It's incredible that they hired an astrophysicist to help get this movie right. Christopher Nolan has always been a good director, but going the extra mile is what turns a great movie into a masterpiece. If only Alfonso Cuaron had hired an expert for Gravity, it might have been a decent movie. Actually, if he had hired an expert, there would have been no movie, since the whole premise for the film wouldn't exist (I'm referring to what happens near the beginning of the movie).
  10. I'm not going to download this. Deal with it. Geddit? I hope you geddit, because I don't want to sound like a jerk.
  11. I prefer Apple due to the simple fact that their hardware and software works seamlessly together. Android has the same problem as a PC: you have to design it for multiple types of hardware. Because of this, optimization is nearly impossible. Why do I say this? Take a look at the Galaxy Note 10.1. It has an impressive 1.9 GHz Quad core processor, as well as 3GB of memory. The iPad Air has a 1.4 GHz dual core processor and 1GB of memory, which is less impressive than the Galaxy Note. However, in every comparison video, the iPad performs better overall. Apple doesn't use some magic trick t
  12. The first two were the original designs, and were going to be built alongside Ares 1-X and Ares V. You can see the difference because of the distinctive circular solar panels. The new design uses standard rectangular solar panels.
  13. I'm jealous that you found all those pictures. I never saw those anywhere.
  14. Unfortunately I don't have the time. It's almost 9 PM and I have to get up at 5 AM so that I can go to work. Anyway, the problem is fixed so I'm leaving now. Have fun being angry because there's someone better than you at something.
  15. I'm also done as well. It's clear that you don't have an unbiased opinion about this game, and it's very clear that you're ignoring the facts simply to create an argument. Magnetics is as much a part of physics as orbits are. You can't ignore one area of physics in a game like this simply to allow it to be easier (only slightly, since getting lined up has nothing to do with the magnet). I want to dock slower because I have a high amount of patience (which is a requirement in the aerospace industry) and obviously because docking faster with two ships that have similar masses have problems d
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