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  1. That's odd, I was still able to reach orbit with my second launch, though I couldn't do an EVA. Perhaps you were using unconventional methods to get into orbit? I just used a simple 2-stage launcher.
  2. These are realy nice, but have you considered using pr ocedural parts? They allow much more accurate rockets. Also, I don't know if you know this, but the SLS launch vehicle will carry payloads for asteroid and mars missions before the mars missions begin.
  3. Well no matter how many times I re-download/re-install the game it has the same result.
  4. I somewhat solved this issue by reading another thread. I lowered the texture quality from full-res to half-res and was able to play the game for nearly half an hour before it crashed. You'd think that a GTX 750M could handle 900p but oh well.
  5. That is correct YANFRET. However, I believe that the problem lies with the base game, and not any of the mods I'm using. I notice that when I first launch the game, it is already using about 3.1GB of memory. That is a bit high without having any mods. - - - Updated - - - Well, it's likely that it's not a memory issue, since it crashes in different places. The next time it crashes, I will upload the log files for you.
  6. There is a .log file but it doesn't have any useful information on it. The last few entries show startup information(like loading X mod), and there are no errors to speak of. EDIT: Ok, here are the last few entries from both the Player.log file and the KSP.log file. Both stop whenever I try to open the VAB, and that's when it stops responding. I noticed that by removing both the squad folders and the NASA mission folders, I was able to load into the VAB for a few seconds. NOTE: I was mistaken about my mods. I was using Chaka Monkey Exploration and Mechjeb. I added a few more in case there were required mods that I was missing. Here is my new mod list: Chaka Monkey Exploration, Mechjeb, Active Texture Management, JSI RPM, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, and TweakScale.
  7. KSP: 0.25.0 OS X Problem: Running out of memory with 2 mods. Mods Installed: Chaka Monkey Exploration and Mechjeb Reproduction Steps: Try to open the game with just those two mods installed. Log: A log file was not printed.
  8. Hm...I have a feeling that Infinity War will be about the Infinity Gauntlet, and either Thanos or Adam Warlock would be the villain. It could also include more of those Cosmic Cubes like the one they had in the first Avengers movie. Now I need to get thinking on who would make a good Adam Warlock... Now, Thor: Ragnarok is interesting. Interesting because it happens during the Civil War, which is possibly the setting for the Captain America movie. I'm not sure how it will all play out, since The Avengers was created AFTER the evens of the Civil War, but it'll be interesting to see what happens. I was never really a big Thor fan but if memory serves, Ragnarok is a clone of Thor created by Tony Stark. I'm even more interested in Age of Ultron now, since apparently Thor is supposed to disappear before Ragnarok is created. Either way, I wish DC would have come out with their stuff sooner. I can't wait for the Justice League films. I just hope they don't have Superman kill someone (I mean, what were those dumb writers thinking?), and I hope they pull characters from the TV shows.
  9. It's incredible that they hired an astrophysicist to help get this movie right. Christopher Nolan has always been a good director, but going the extra mile is what turns a great movie into a masterpiece. If only Alfonso Cuaron had hired an expert for Gravity, it might have been a decent movie. Actually, if he had hired an expert, there would have been no movie, since the whole premise for the film wouldn't exist (I'm referring to what happens near the beginning of the movie).
  10. I'm not going to download this. Deal with it. Geddit? I hope you geddit, because I don't want to sound like a jerk.
  11. I prefer Apple due to the simple fact that their hardware and software works seamlessly together. Android has the same problem as a PC: you have to design it for multiple types of hardware. Because of this, optimization is nearly impossible. Why do I say this? Take a look at the Galaxy Note 10.1. It has an impressive 1.9 GHz Quad core processor, as well as 3GB of memory. The iPad Air has a 1.4 GHz dual core processor and 1GB of memory, which is less impressive than the Galaxy Note. However, in every comparison video, the iPad performs better overall. Apple doesn't use some magic trick to make this happen, it's just how they build their machines. Computers, phones, and tablets are all using the same method, which makes them more responsive. I like my devices to be fast. Their specifications do not matter to me, as long as the experience is smooth. In this regard, Apple wins across the board.
  12. The first two were the original designs, and were going to be built alongside Ares 1-X and Ares V. You can see the difference because of the distinctive circular solar panels. The new design uses standard rectangular solar panels.
  13. I'm jealous that you found all those pictures. I never saw those anywhere.
  14. Unfortunately I don't have the time. It's almost 9 PM and I have to get up at 5 AM so that I can go to work. Anyway, the problem is fixed so I'm leaving now. Have fun being angry because there's someone better than you at something.
  15. I'm also done as well. It's clear that you don't have an unbiased opinion about this game, and it's very clear that you're ignoring the facts simply to create an argument. Magnetics is as much a part of physics as orbits are. You can't ignore one area of physics in a game like this simply to allow it to be easier (only slightly, since getting lined up has nothing to do with the magnet). I want to dock slower because I have a high amount of patience (which is a requirement in the aerospace industry) and obviously because docking faster with two ships that have similar masses have problems doing so at such fast speeds. Basically every post since the second one is irrelevant though since that pretty much offered the solution to my problem. Have a nice day.
  16. "It's a real onion of a game, where each successful step forward is hard-earned but reveals a whole new layer of gameplay underneath. The developer's desire to ensure that each new update stand on its own means that at every stage, it feels like a complete and satisfying experience. It's a truly hardcore simulation, but one that is endearingly approachable and eager to get you grappling with the nuts and bolts of space flight." ~ Eurogamer critic Dan Whitehead. Also, my issue is not with the modded spacecraft, it is with the ridiculously unrealistic strength of the magnets on docking ports. Most of the things about the game are simulated in a decent manner. However, when it comes to the magnetic strength of the docking ports, all physics is thrown out of the window. Physically, magnets that strong on that small of a docking port cannot exist. I do not have hundreds of hours of flight training either and within a week of picking up KSP I was able to dock perfectly with a station. The whole process is incredibly simple if you understand physics. I only have problems when the physics don't make any sense. That's certainly why they do it. But the reason that it should be simulated is because that is the very definition of simulation. To simulate something that actually exists. If you put two magnets at a meter apart, they won't pull each other together. You'd have to have a very large magnet for something like that. This is basic physics. At most the magnet would attract at 0.1 meters from the target.
  17. That is your opinion. I am of a higher intelligence than most and I think a game that is advertised as a simulator should actually simulate things instead of just winging it. Perhaps it should be called a sandbox game instead of a simulator.
  18. In the real world, docking mechanisms do not have magnets and docking is usually done at a very slow pace so as to not cause any damage to spacecraft/orbits and such. I think that should be mimicked within the game.
  19. That's still incredibly fast. Generally docking is supposed to be done at 0.1 m/s or less.
  20. Then yes, I do turn SAS off. Although it shouldn't really matter.
  21. I've been playing KSP for two years. That should be a good enough answer.
  22. Ok let me see if I can explain it better. I'm more or less perfectly lined up (maybe a hundred millimeters off tops). I slowly move in at 0.1 m/s. When I get within range of the magnet, it forces me towards the docking port very quickly, over 0.5 m/s. The force created by the magnets causes them to bounce apart slightly when they touch, which changes the alignment and causes the spacecrafts to spin against each other. I should also note that the weight of the spacecrafts that I have mentioned previously has no real bearing on this. The magnets are just way too strong. There shouldn't even be any magnets on a docking mechanism, as it causes all sorts of problems. A magnet that strong would cause electrical problems as well.
  23. I'm not complaining about the craft. I'm saying that these two particular spacecrafts contain modded parts which is why I can't counteract the magnetic strength of the docking ports. Their unorthodox weights causes the net weight of each vehicle to be similar to the other. As for the other thing, yea I could have said that, but I didn't feel the need since KSP isn't actually a simulator.
  24. I do. I'm excellent at docking actually. I was the first person to launch a vehicle into orbit and dock with a station in RSS. Usually I can combat the magnet strength, but some mods have unrealistic weights which makes small stations weigh the same as the manned spacecraft docking to it. There's no way to break the laws of physics, or at least what Harvester thinks is real physics. Well, this is advertised as a simulator, and simulators are, by their very nature, simulating something that already exists. Kerbal Space Program isn't really a simulator though, it's more of a sandbox. I generally have no trouble docking, only in special circumstances. I am very good at docking, probably one of the best. I can usually combat this magnet strength with RCS, but these are modded spacecraft with inaccurate masses, resulting in a station that weighs the same or less than the spacecraft docking to it, which is unrealistic.
  25. I've been playing KSP for nearly 2 years and yet I've kept quiet about one glaring issue: the strength of the magnets between docking ports. They pull together so fast, over 0.5 m/s. It makes docking spacecraft with similar weights nearly impossible for me. This magnet strength is completely unrealistic and would cause a lot of problems in the real world. Real docking ports do not actually have magnets to avoid potential damage to a spacecraft, they just dock via clamps that keep a spacecraft in place. I've been hoping for a mod that allows us to control this parameter, but have yet to find such a mod. I hate docking so fast.
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