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  1. Xenonclave, do you have a copy of XenosAlt still? I think I know certain people who would like to see that solar system replacer working. :D

  2. He’s alive! Probably...

  3. Hmm, to be honest I can't think of an easy way to re-add the atmosphere with OPM. If you go into GameData/XPC/PlanetConfigs/EelooAlt, open the Eeloo.cfg file and get rid of :NEEDS[!OPM] at the top it might re-add the atmosphere without messing up Eeloo's place around Sarnus, but it also might not. In any case, the next time I update the mod I can make probably make it so that Eeloo keeps it's atmosphere even around Sarnus. It's just that OPM doesn't just move Eeloo, it also changes its surface. I'll have to think about what the best way to handle it.
  4. I did that on purpose actually, since OPM already changes Eeloo I decided to simply leave it with their changes rather than applying my own to it. If OPM is installed XPC makes no changes to Eeloo, doesn't add Alu, and only adds Kyx and Beros in orbit around Plock.
  5. I think I rearranged the orbits but honestly they could've already been the way they are. I have been meaning to go back and change more stuff for Eve and Duna but I just wanted to release something (plus I had already made a settings.cfg where you can select which mods you want active like months ago) So tbh that was the only real substantial change.
  6. Ok I have been super inactive for the longest time because of university and stuff BUT I just updated it (kinda). Changelog: v0.3 [KSP 1.2.1] [Kopernicus v1.2.1-1] - Added Setting.cfg file - Added configs for DOE and Planet Shine - Changes to Eve system I'll make an actual update with actual new content and more mod support soon (I hope, midterms just ended so I MIGHT have more spare time)
  7. Idk when I'll really get back to work on this, I've been really busy lately and I'm currently prioritizing my other planet pack before I work more on this one. I figure I can make a complete version 1.0 of XPC before I really begin work on this. At the very least I'll try to get some sort of alpha version of this out soon.
  8. Sorry everyone for the lack of updates, I've been super busy with real life recently. I'll release an update soon I swear! @sentania Sigma has talked to me about adding my mod to Galactic Neighbourhood, so hopefully it'll be compatible soon. @Interplanet Janet I'll have to look into RevSS, I haven't seen it before. But I'll try to add compatibility in the next update. @Andem Which mods? I'm gonna look through the thread to see what's already been suggested but if there's anything else let me know
  9. That's weird, definitely shouldn't be happening... I'll look into it. I'll try to put out a new version of the mod soon, it could just be because the packs slightly outdated. If you want to manually fix it right now just go into your GameData folder where you installed the mod, go to XPC/EelooAlt/PlanetConfigs, delete Alu.cfg, and in Beros.cfg and Kyx.cfg change "referenceBody = Eeloo" to "referenceBody = Plock". It'll be underneath the "Orbit" header. You can open the files with notepad.
  10. This is a really cool concept and the artwork looks great! Keep it up!
  11. I don't now how I feel about the soda thing, but if you want to have your Duna moons work out with mine that's fine.
  12. I really don't know, but I wouldn't alter the OPM Eeloo orbiting Sarnus. Maybe I'd rename the new Eeloo and have it replace Plock-Karen, not sure.
  13. Can we alter the orbits of existing bodies? To make room for an added moon for instance, or even putting an existing body in orbit of whatever we make. Just wondering
  14. I mean you could still do most of them but their shapes would be slightly less exaggerated.
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