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  1. Appear to be having a strange bug in game related to Insterstellar and Tweakscale. Specifically, the scaling for the LANTR engine seems borked. * It can't be shrunk smaller than its default, 1.25m * When upscaling, it upscales to 1.875 normally. Trying to upscale again, however, results in 2.5m dimensions and stats, but the actual Scale number will continue to display 1.875m. Clicking upscale again doesn't change the stats, but does fix the erroneous scale indicator, setting it to 2.5. * The part cannot be scaled higher than 2.5m * Once upscaled to 1.875m, the part can no longer be downscaled back to 1.25m, requiring a deletion of the engine in order to reset to default size.
  2. I am using mods. Ferram, Firespitter, KAS, Mechjeb, Interstellar, TAC life support, K&K planetary building, Airplane Plus, and Tweakscale. I found the issue. It was KerbalJointReinforcement. Removing that allowed my rover arms to start articulating properly.
  3. When I throw together a bare bones command pod + electric batteries and throw servos onto it, it works. As soon as I attach a hinge or a Modular Girder Segment to it, though, it refuses to transverse. It shudders a little bit when the target angle passes its current angle, but otherwise stays locked in place. I've tried seeing if it's an autostrut issue, but it doesn't seem like it. Tries powering and unpowering motors - nada. Lock and unlock - same deal. I have more than enough power... I don't get it. Is there something obvious I'm missing?
  4. All I know is the second I attach anything to servos they suddenly stop working at all. They'll shudder slightly and change orientation maybe 1 degree when the target angle passes its current angle, but it otherwise stays rigid.
  5. Blessed be the modders. Thank you for this mod.
  6. Yup, Outsourced R&D is currently broken to all Hell. The exchange rate needs to be somewhere between 500-1000 funds per point of science, not 35.
  7. Squad should at the very least do a first pass before throwing it out there. All I had to do was *look* at the exchange rate to guess that it might be broken, and a few seconds of head math to confirm it. 'Oh, but you can make it harder on yourself' is not an excuse for poor design. It's silly this wasn't caught, but I have faith that Squad will correct ... eventually. Until they do, I'm hoping for a mod that un-bungles the rates, or just staying away from the feature.
  8. Outsourced R&D is ridiculously powerful while some other options are ridiculously weak. Using Outsourced R&D, a simple early-game rescue mission (so-and-so stranded around Kerbin) can net me almost a hundred science with an extremely minimal 10% commitment. Compare that to Fundraising Campaign, where a commitment of 50% gets me practically jack-kay-....: a successful Explore Mun mission nets me a grand total of 1152 extra funds. Whoop-de-freakin'-do.
  9. Okay, I just assumed it was the other way since the 62 and 1.25 reactors are 25k and 100k, respectively. So only the 1.25m reactor is appropriately valued, then?
  10. I'm assuming 2.5meter nuclear reactors being 2.5million credits is simply a matter of an accidental zero being in the calculations? Since the 3.75 reactor is 500k.
  11. From the Maxmaps twitters: Keep on fighting, Code Wizards!