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  1. Remove parachute, fly over kerbraq, drop them. shells or not.
  2. Not much can be said, other than a train + Rocket + Railway angled somewhat. Like that ^ But, it goes up to about... beginning of stratosphere. We need this.
  3. Victor, do you have FAR or NEAR installed?
  4. hydran101


    Awesome Design! I love this.
  5. Still waiting for you to work on Railguns... Because I need them for... Something...
  6. Did you have to quote the entire first post? Do you know how to Bloody snip? Edit: And damn that emote spam. dot do that! Edit2: And learn how to modify/edit a post.
  7. There are two parts of the strut you need. An endpoint, and the grappler. Both are separate and one does not place the other. So place an endpoint where you need it then place the grappler. And bingo, connect them like you tried.
  8. SPACEBALLS. May the Porsche be with you! (I did a twist on the MTFBWU thing, sorda like spaceballs, but with a car company instaid.)
  9. F-35 Lightning II. Combat VTOL. Classified as SVTOL. Brother/Sister to the F-22 Raptor fighter.
  10. Hmm.... this reminds me of some... "documentary".... I think it was called... "Alien Planet" Youtube!:
  11. I have an idea for the comic, if that is fine that is. One part of the comic could have the jeager "Jebsy Danger" fighting some giant kaiju (Kraken clones maybe?) (Jebsy Danger = Gypsy Danger. There are vids of it on youtube, by the creator.) Also, these heroes look great! 5th is maybe a Black panther like hero?
  12. I did read them, I was just giving him ideas on how to MAKE it.
  13. Here is an idea on how you could create a Magnetic projectile accelerator cannon... ...Erm I mean railgun. use the tank cannon as a base, increase speed of projectile, power of projectile, keep range the same, add fancy effects, done...? I really want to create the Ultimate weapon with a railgun! Hurry up and make it! So I can make a Meat gear! (dont take that part seriously)
  14. Do you plan on giving it to the public...?
  15. Well, why not make the range to the maximum and hope for the best...?
  16. Are you going to work on the railguns? I can see Railguns being used widely on crafts.
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