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  1. Watched RoverDude's steam this evening and he was having the same issue.
  2. Suffering the same issue, very frustrating. I have loaded various mods and it does seem more likely when I add large part mods. I have not counted parts but when I settle my frustration I'll try a more extensive test.
  3. I'm using it in a winx64 and x86 installs and have had no issue with performance. I would like to know a way to lessen or remove the red halo of the sun through the atmo. But it certainly isn't a deal breaker.
  4. Interstage fairing adapter still has massive frame lag when in gui editing. Also I used to be able to invert these and create protective shrouds around my engines much like the delta medium and heavy rockets. Now it seems even if I set crossfeed on or off It will not work.
  5. Yes I get the same effect, I also notice at about 90k +/- there is a layering effect that begins to appear in the atmosphere. once I'm a few 100K out there is a circular moire pattern that emerges ever so slightly. This is the layering I was talking about. This is the moire pattern at a distance. The way I was getting this to show the clouds was just lowering the global alpha of the post process effect of scatterer in the settings. It isn't perfect and appears Blackrack is on track to solving it internally. Here is a shot or two I liked from the moon trip I did while testing.
  6. I got scatterer and eve working together and in OpenGL without the bloody lines. I had to force anisotropic off in the Nvidia panel and set the texture filtering to performance. Here is a screen shot.
  7. Check with e-dog he had an issue very similar with the in editor tweakables for Procedural Fairings he was able to finally stamp out last patch.
  8. I can second this, if run in DX9 or DX11, no curved lines. OpenGL and the lines are there no matter what settings are changes in game or in the nvidia panel. Also the circles do move in relation to the sun.
  9. Are you running in opengl, if I run in windows DX9 scatterer works fine, if I run in OpenGL i get the same lines as you show in your images. I also find OpenGl does not run as well for me in 1.0 as it did in previous versions so I have stopped bothering with it and dropped my mod count dramatically. I am running an AMD FX- 8350, 16Gb ram, and Nvidia 970. Game is running from a Samsung Evo SSD.
  10. I can confirm that this does have a noticeable impact on memory, but I can say that I have a handful of mods and when I start the game am sitting at 2.9 to 3.1 Gb. I can play for quiet a while as the 1.0 memory handling is very different than in previous versions. I am able to move from scene to scene and watch the games memory move up and down. But truth be told as this games vanilla size continues to scale up the need for a functioning 64x version becomes all the more important with respect to players who wish to play heavily modded versions. The other option at present is to run a separate Linux partition, something I am leaning toward as I love a rich and heavy modded experience
  11. This is exactly my plan as I just ordered an SSD just for KSP and mods. Do you have experience with KSP under linux? How is the performance.
  12. This is true but the game is decompressing them into memory and they are still full scale. ATM is not able to reduce the scale of the textures anymore and is not reducing the memory footprint of the squad textures. This in my case has put a huge impact on how many mods you can run. I personally am pushing the boundary with karbonite, karbonite+, Kolonisation, USIlife, Proc Fairings, Real Chute, Magic Smoke Infernal Robotics, Dmagic Science and Scatterer. I hover around 3.3 gigs of memory and eventually crash after a few launches. This is at best 1/6th the number of part mods I had in the .90 version. Very disappointing. I hope everyday that unity 5 comes soon and a functioning 64bit version comes with it.
  13. I can second this problem with tweakscale installed alone.