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  1. Is the Aerodrone still in this? If not, is there perhaps another parts pack its part of?
  2. I installed the latest update and it loaded up fine the first time. I tweaked my settings as I always do and entered the game. Tried to launch the craft and got a ctd. Now when I start it up it finishes loading then crashes. I don't know what is wrong. Every update has something wrong with it, some won't let me run mods, others crash every few flights, this one won't even start up. What do?
  3. Its been a heck of a long time since I posted here, but I finally got back into KSP and I downloaded this mod because I specifically remember it including this cool drone thing that could fold up. But I see it isn't here. And I also remember there being little mini satelites that could be dropped from craft. Where they all removed?
  4. Interesting Idea, but you'd need to be mentally and physically prepared for such a long and arduous trip
  5. I'm actually surprised that my first Munar Landing in this update went well. It did come down a little hard and did have a close call with the lifter barely missing it but it landed alright. Still enough fuel to get it into orbit so I'm happy
  6. I hot hit by one of my aborted satelites (a satelite I forgot to put solar panels on). Luckily though this was one of my armored probes for the Mun but it did take off a landing leg. Still landed nicely though
  7. I have a few things I'd like to see: Alien Life (not civilisations but just like life like Cow analogues, bird analogues and so forth) Transforming parts/modular parts (don't know how to explain that exactly but think of building a capsule, it lands in the water on Laythe, then it opens up and turns into a boat. Then it hits land and retracts the boat pieces and extends the rover pieces) Weather. Specifically, different weather for each planet/mun. Kerbin would have Earth Weather, Eve would have Acid Rain and constant Thunderstorms, Jool would have a single massive Hurricane that moves across the planet and Laythe would have cyclones, hurricanes, thunderstorms and water spouts) Ice Drills and Water under the ice caps on the planets with Ice, so we could drill straight down and explore the depths If I had to choose just one it would be the transforming/modular parts. Whether any of this is planned though is another story
  8. Will this work on .20.0? I decided to wait till I update for when the new version comes out. This also saves having to download all the mods separetly. Are the mods complete or is it just the parts needed for these craft to work?
  9. I won't miss the old ones as these look awesome. I just hope the interface get's an update too
  10. If it's debris from a crash I'm proud of or if it's part of a failed mission, I only delete it after the crew has either perished or they get rescued. I also delete all debris from my unnamed test vessels. I also delete SOME stuff from orbit as during one of my daily launches I hit a propulsion stage from one of my Space Station modules. Almost made the mission an utter failure but I needed to persevere otherwise I'd miss my launch window
  11. I just burn Prograde and keep orbiting till I hit something. I did that with my eve mission, had a orbit with one side exactly on the line of Eve's orbit and the other side a little inwards. The resulting slowdown allowed me to enter Eve's orbit after about 2 years in Space
  12. Saw someone mentioned the game online, downloaded the demo, played it for about 24 hours, then got the full version
  13. Mine is my first name, middle name and surname. I call it The CST Prototype Space Program
  14. How in the name Kod do these things work? Do you use the jet engines to rotate the wings and have struts to hold them in place? Wouldn't that like, not work?
  15. Hey guys. So my friend is having a issue with this mod. On my side, I hyperedit a launchpad into space, sometimes launching a ship in orbit works, sometimes it doesn't. My friend however has launched his into LKO with no cheats whatsoever and has a problem. Basically he loads a ship, it flies off and merely orbits at 0.0m/s and follows the launchpad a few kilometres away. He can actually see the ship and activate the context menus but he can't actually do anything. Has anyone here actually been successful with Orbital Space Centers? Any help will be appreciated