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  1. Yeah, but who Phosen gone... ...who do you blame for the next one? Didn't really think this through, did ya? -Jn-
  2. I typically just do two -- yeah, three is probably optimal, but two in opposite syncopated high polar orbits generally gives me "good enough" coverage...and I'm sending at least one for mapping, anyway. If actual lives depended on it, I'd go with three equitorial and three polar, but that rapidly ends up to more sats than I'm interested in sending. -Jn-
  3. Or, as Jeb calls it : "A perfect landing." -Jn-
  4. Very nice! Meanwhile, I've thrown some lifters and sats together from scrap left over from that trailer park Jeb landed on, squinted a bit at the Tracking Station display, then lobbed some antennas into space. Seems to be working okay so far. -Jn-
  5. Per KSC General Counsel, I cannot comment on any matter that is currently pending litigation. -Jn-
  6. Wouldn't that just be "bills"? -Jn-
  7. I just assumed they were "Kerbucks"... -Jn-
  8. I've landed a few Kerbals without any ship whatsoever...one from LKO and one from Minimus. This was pre-parachute. First time, I had a separate re-entry vehicle I was using...after my de-orbit burn, I jettisoned the landing pod only to realize Adnand Kerman, my pilot, was still at the controls of the main vessel, which was about to burn up. Tried to EVA him over, but bounced off the hatch. This was before EVA fuel was limited, so I was able to use that to slow down enough not to cook in his suit, then miraculously impacted on a very long smooth slope. Walked away with minor contusions. Awhile after that, Adnad was screwing around on Minimus, knocked over his ship and broke it. Having survived one re-entry, he just took a big leap and EVA'd back...and survived the second re-entry as well. In more recent history, Valentina fell out of a spaceplane on re-entry and hit the ocean. She also used EVA jets to slow her descent...that was after fuel was thing for those, but she was at sub-orbital speeds to start with. -Jn-
  9. Safety first. KSC policy mandates that you can not participate in an EVA without all appropriate safety gear. This includes a parachute. Complacency kills Kerbals! -Jn-
  10. An aircraft carrier that can manage near 60 knots is pretty good, I think. -Jn-
  11. From your list, mine's more like this: But the only ones I really struggle without are KER and SCANSat. KER really should be in the game. -Jn-
  12. Hmm. I'm on the current version to start my newest save... ...but the thought of all that modded goodness... No! NO! That path leads to MADNESS!! Must...use...only...the mods...I need...to LIVE! (KER, SCANSat, currently, but really struggling not to install FF, KIS/KAS, USI *.*, etc...only thing keeping me sane is that most aren't updated) I'm currently in low-power gaming mode, just using my old laptop to eek along...if I install 20+ mods, it will melt. -Jn-
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