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  1. No, no double checked, and for some reason, none of the tanks (including stock) seem to have Liquid Fuel + Oxidizer as an option... ...which is kind of problematic. Is this a PEBKAC thing or what? -Jn-
  2. I would think those tail booms would start oscillating in a very alarming and inconvenient fashion. But I'm sure they thought of that, too. -Jn-
  3. Wait..I installed this and now I can't get LFO tanks? I must me missing something? -Jn-
  4. I don't say this lightly, but WHAT THE @#$% !?!? That's awesome but what mods are those?! -Jn-
  5. Not really blaming the mod - it is in beta and I'm running about three dozen other mods. Was acting hinkey -- once I removed Mk2.5 it is fine (other than my module manager looks jacked up, usually a bad sign!) so hopefully I don't have to manually reinstall it all. But hey, running lots of mods is a bit like Russian roulette. -Jn-
  6. Hrm. Like the modular tanks, but Mk 2.5 shuttle parts (while nice) didn't play well with my config... Could be because I'm running 1.2.2, still. -Jn-
  7. After giving it some more thought (and checking AVC) I'll revise my answer to: MUST HAVE: AVC, KER, Final Frontier, Chatterer, Docking Node Alignment, SCANSat , KAC End up installing every time: KIS/KAS, USI (everything), DeepFreeze, Launch Window Calculator, Planetary Bases, and probably a few others (should have screenshot AVC!) -Jn-
  8. I do, indeed, have USI Konstruktion...I need to delve into it, to see what I can do. It may well have everything I need, I just haven't tackled it, yet. -Jn-
  9. Oh, and I'd say Infernal Robotics, if it weren't tragically abandoned. I miss my variable geometry VTOLs. -Jn-
  10. PSA: Kerbal easter eggs are highly volatile... -Jn-
  11. Statement: AVC is awesome. It's the first mod I install. Question: Does it tell me if new versions of a mod are available even if I'm running an older, compatible version? For example, I'm running 1.2.2 because I didn't feel like waiting for my three dozen mods to be updated...but will AVC keep track of which ones are updated for me? Or will does it only check if the mods I have are current for 1.2.2? -Jn-
  12. My typical return checklist: 1. Decide to give stock Career another chance 1.5 Install KER 2. Get annoyed after two pathetic sub-orbital contracts launching weefle bebe ships and start a Sandbox game to build real Kerbal ships 2.5 Install KIS/KAS, USI, etc 3. Start building Grand Tour or Duna Base or some other epic mission 4. Install SCANSat because I need landing sites and resources and anomalies (oh my!) and get caught up in mapping madness and relay networks 5. Build gigantic monstrosity that can make orbit then get distracted by alternative methods to fuel it for long hauls 6. Become obsessed with building things smaller and more efficiently to further my grand objectives 7. Decide to give stock Career another chance -Jn-
  13. No, no I'll back you up on that one...I build a fair number of space/airplanes and you make a good point. You're gonna have bits falling off under the stress of flight or landing if your design can't survive a simple drop test. When doubt, go nuts with struts! -Jn-
  14. Napalm Demolitions Unltd. (My brother incorporated that as a company back in the day, as a joke -- used to get the weirdest junkmail) -Jn-
  15. KER is my only MUST HAVE mod. (I can play without it, but I'm constantly and painfully aware of it's absence). Well, that and AVC. Unless I'm trying to do something specifically "stock-only" I install the following: SCANSat KIS/KAS All the USI stuff (I celebrate @RoverDude's entire catalogue!) Docking Port Alignment Indicator Indicator Lights Deep Freeze (if I'm using USI-LS) B9 (honestly, this is mostly just for the lights!) Hmm...I'm currently rocking like three dozen mods on my game (which is dubbed "Joe Napalm's Stock Sandbox" (you can see how well I stuck to that)) all of which I consider just awesome...I should check AVC when I get a chance so I don't miss any. -Jn-
  16. Paul Allen, MS co-founder, plays KSP for reals! -Jn-
  17. The important question is...did you realize this before or after you broke orbit? -Jn-
  18. Roswell VI has a slight hiccup during the ascent profile on the mission to Minmus: Amazingly, the ABORT action group saved the capsule -- Jeb and Bill survived, and on the next attempt successfuly planted a flag on Minmus and got to faff about a bit before noticing that, having landed on the dark side with no RTGs, the batteries were getting awfully low (thaaaank you indicator lights mod!) and had to come home. -Jn-
  19. Took the Nomad Mk IV on a little jaunt around the Mun... Kraken says "NOPE!": The Nomad flies exceptionally well for such a massive ship, but...time acceleration is a marching band on Arrakis. Safety improvements helped out somewhat...still no real life support on the wreckage of the command module, but my cryo unit came with me...which is good, because someone added lots of monoprop and no RCS! *Sigh* I blame Engineering. They were all hung over from the Nomad Mk III Rescue Party. -Jn-
  20. After a few less than optimal attempts, I got the Roswell Mk IV Automated Rescue Pod rendezvoused with the remains of the command module from the failed test of the Nomad colony ship, before the life support ran out: Gusley and Danlinne were thrilled to be back on terra firma, but were still a little sad when the Nomad was deorbited: Amazingly, the Nomad survived re-entry -- just not lithobraking! This is good news, as that means I can not only dispense with the plan to attach escape pods directly to the command module, but could even consider removing the four Roswell-class pods from the vessel -- just add a decoupler and some RCS (and chutes!) to the command module itself. So, out of a catastrophic failure of a test comes much learning. (Plus, I was really rusty at the orbital mechanics for rendezvous.) -Jn-
  21. The most terrifying bug is the spider: Everyone knows this! -Jn-
  22. Seriously? Doesn't Kerbol block that, part of the time? Do you need a local satnet to bounce it back to KSC? I was about to launch a couple of relays into highly elliptical polar orbits... -Jn-
  23. Yep: KSP -> Properties -> Betas -> Select 1.2.2 (previous version) -Jn-
  24. Seriously, do you HAVE to bring this up right after she was tragically vaporized during a failed EVA rescue attempt?! TOO SOON! I mean, at least wait until I decant her clone, tonight. -Jn-
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