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  1. I'm not too sure this could ever be modeled in the game, but is the Argo satellite able to utilise solar/kerbolar winds as a slight method of propulsion/orientation? I heard recently that Mariner 4 used the foldable "paddles" at the ends of the solar panels to orient/slightly propel itself. If Argo Mk2 was able to do that, it'd be siiiiick.
  2. Ah, so THAT'S why I couldn't find the Appdata folder haha, Thanks for that I've booted up KSP and Shut it down just now, so that it may be easier for you to navigate (Does the log include what the user did in-game? I don't know, so I assume it does). DropBox link to the file is here. Hope you find the issue! I'd love to send a few Draco probes to the Jool system.
  3. I wish I could, however for some reason or other I can't find any - I checked all the spots where the websites say they should be, but they aren't there - probably because the 'missing' part doesn't actually cause KSP to poop itself. Is there a way to forcibly create a log? The file for the Draco module is present in the files; I'll put a hyperlink here to its location in Dropbox (a copy anyway), so you can have a look at it and see if it should theoretically work. Might not be worth it, but I thought I should provide at least something that might be of use.
  4. Hello, I'm having the same issue as sslaptnhablhat, but the Draco/Huygens part still isn't there. I can't seem to pull it out of the nether like he did using the craft file, either.
  5. I gotta say that after coming back to this game after so many years (I started playing this late 2012), It's good to see that the mod community still has some modders who regularly make new content and keep it up to date. Really appreciated!
  6. Possibly, although I can't check as SSTU seems to be freezing the new KSP version every time I boot it up. I did happen to see an octagonal tank which looks a lot like it, but it was super small (about 1.25m diameter), so once SSTU updates I'll have another look to confirm if I can find it. Thanks for letting me know!
  7. Is there a changelog for this mod? I just downloaded an update for KSP (Friday 6/10/17, 12:01 (GMT+11, I live in Australia)) and one of my update mods says that SSTU is incompatible with the current version, and I don't know whether or not Shadowmage has updated it. While I'm posting here anyway, I should mention that I can't find (what might be called) the Service/Landing module/s for the Lander Cores which I see in quite a lot of photos of this mod (see VenemousRequiem's post on page 1 for reference). Are they hidden in a subsection that I've just missed, is it in an extension pack, or is it currently not implemented in the available parts pack?
  8. Hey all, are there any standard craft files which are provided for this (like bombers, fighters etc.) in other threads? Knowing I'd be terrible at building my own fighter replicas, I'd rather utilise the skills of other, better people.
  9. wulf899

    Release: BobCat Ind. Space&Planet products

    So I just downloaded most of these packs, and only the Buran, Proton, ISS, Orion Capsule, LER and Nautilus parts load. Soyuz, MIR, Kliper, Progress and the AmericanPack (with the exception of the Orion Module and LER) do not load as it says something along the lines of "Missing or Invalid Parts". Could not confirm as the Debug system was scrolling so fast I couldn't keep up. Some of these unloadable parts are even in the same files as others which can load (such as in the case of the AmericanPack). Been trying to fix this for hours and I'm at my wit's end. Could someone please help me out before I just go ahead and delete it all?
  10. wulf899

    Release: BobCat Ind. Space&Planet products

    I've done this for all the HOME modules and they all work with the exception of the HOME3 Pod Descent Module (CFG file titled "HOME2_pod_descent.cfg"). Anyone else have issues with that part? I've tried keeping it as +1.0, but that doesn't work either. EDIT: That was the wrong part! Looking for the right one now. EDIT: Issue resolved.
  11. wulf899

    [1.0.x] Habitat Pack v0.41

    I've tried using this mod in 1.0.2 with the Caretaker Files (And yes, I've got the original files as well as the caretaker ones so I have all the necessary files) and the parts don't seem to appear. Every time I try to use Alt+F12 to recompile the parts, It says something along the lines of "Unable to Compile part" for all the Habitat Pack parts. Anyone know a workaround for this issue?
  12. Thanks for that, turns out that I didn't have the model files as I moved the entire "launchclamp1" folder over, erasing those files.
  13. Unfortuntely it's the "sounds" file, sorry. Should've mentioned that. (Probably best to include the entire "launchclamp1" folder, just in case.) I'll use this .cfg anyway, just in case that alone solves the problem. EDIT: It didn't solve it. Will probably need entire folder.
  14. Hi all, So I installed KW rocketry and it included a file that would silence/mute the Launch Clamps. Even though I had no issue with the clamps, I installed it anyway. Now the part won't load and nor will any of the ships/subassemblies that I have built with launch clamps on them. Does someone mind just sending me a DropBox link to a copy of their own stock Launch Clamp folder? Many thanks.
  15. Thanks for the fast reply. I don't know how to edit/make IVAs etc., so I guess I'll leave it be.