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  1. Just started having a go with KSP after a long break. I'm going to start by saying I am not a fan at all of the take2 rebranding, the new UEA is pants and Squad have been relegated behind take 2s new 'brand' Private Division. Still I suppose if you sell your Sole you're going to end up getting battered. Which makes me wonder how much of a hand they actually had in the DLC. This lem remake looks like a modeller outside Squad was given the task of making one without ever seeing any of the game's other assets. As mentioned its too small for the standard docking port, but its also a pain to connect to much else. As soon as I add an engine I get the starting of a fairing but that's wrong as the lem was packed behind the csm in Apollo. I have no idea how to get a ladder attached - again these are out of scale with the lem. Trying to build a realistic lander stack leaves gaps everywhere ... And this is before I've tried to fly the thing, which to be honest I probably wont both to do given all the problems that have been raised in this thread. Nice model, 0 QA hope this is not the way things are going to go.
  2. Hi, I have a mobile procession lab orbiting duna with a barometer, thermometer and gravimax attached and have collected the data from these for research by the two scientists stationed there. This worked fine, the data was added to the lab and they are making science. I then docked a craft that had spent a lot of time (67 experiments worth) collecting science from duna, put a kerbal eva, collected the science from this craft and added it to the mobile lab. I expected the data count to go up but instead it just added the experiments. Could someone tell me how I add the data I have collected from Duna to that in the science lab? I'm completely stuck. Thanks in advance.
  3. Many thanks for the replies. I've fiddled around with this design and still can't get it to work. So I threw it away and built this... It's fairly close to the design that doesn't work but here I'm using one small holding tank in the stack, rather than radially mounted and then surounded this with radial holding tanks. This works and the pic shows it mining away on Minmus (another simple get this ore contract). Both designs have a coupler between the drills and the tanks so the only thing I can think of at the moment is that you cannot mount small holding tanks radially. Bit of a pain really.
  4. Hello, I have contract to collect 500 ore from the Mun. Thats all just drill it and leave it there. So I built this... However for some reason the drill won't transfer into the side mounted tanks. The decoupler is set to crossfeed so I'm stuck. Here's the craft file; Could someone tell me why this is not working please? Many thanks in advance
  5. Hello, After a considerable amount of driving across the surface of the Mun I collected my Kerbals and returned them home. This netted me 1768.9 science (see below) It made me wonder, what's the most science you have earned in a single mission? I guess this is a bit of a challenge. Only one launch from Kerbin to somewhere (they could be multiple somewheres). Hopping landers and rovers are allowed but refueling is not. You have to use the fuel you brought with you on the initial launch and once that is spent it is mission over. However you are allowed a second launch to bring the science home. I was rather pleased with my haul, but I am sure it can be beaten.
  6. Just got one of those... I think this one is going to stay unfulfilled
  7. Hi, I don't think so, though it's the sort of stupid thing I could do its happened too often for it to be failing to leave warp completely every time. That said it didn't happen at all yesterday despite several hours gaming. I guess the only thing to do is wait until it happens again and post a quicksave in the hope that there is something in there.
  8. I'll try but as you say it is difficult to reproduce consistently. I think the most likely chance I have is by placing a craft in orbit around something so the signal from KSC gets blocked. Warping a vessel here seems to cause the freeze more frequently than just warping something that already has clear line of sight to KSC.
  9. Dear all, I am experiencing the following problem. Craft fail to respond to commands after leaving warp or after the craft loses radio contact with KSC. This happens even if the craft is probe controlled with full electric charge in direct sight to the KSC or if the craft is under full Kerbal control. The only way to regain control is to switch to the tracking station and reselect the craft. It affects 32 and 64 bit Windows versions of KSP 1.2.1 Anyone else found this?
  10. Hi, I can't see anything obvious, but here's the craft file just in case I've missed something. The rover is attached to its lander and is dropped with the second stage. Lander with underslung rover Hope someone can help Thanks in advance
  11. Weelll I don't know. I did a quick Internet read on what causes a sharing violation - apparently something else is accessing the file and has it locked. But nothing else was running other than the virus checker and that was not scanning at the time. So I followed the tried and tested - if it stops working turn it off and on again - and that appears to have fixed it. Thanks for the help.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I set debug to show errors on the screen and got this Trouble is I have no idea wat it means or how to fix it! Anyone seen his before?
  13. Dear all, I have been playing career in 1.2 for a while. I just went to load a ship and found there were none in the VAB list! There should be somethnig like 30ships listed there. The ships are in the saved games folder, so what has happend, and how do I get them back? Help! The Space plane hanger and subassemblies are not affected just the VAB Restarting the game has not fixed it.
  14. Hi, So I built my first rover.... Its rather wide so I had to transport it to Minmus slung under the lander. I tested everything, well almost everything on Kerbin. Dropping the lander and driving it away using the built in probe body worked fine so I launched and landed on a slope just short of one of Minmus' flats. I dropped the lander, but when I tried to drive it the Kraken struck and everything exploded into bits of exploding rover, lander and terrified Kerbal. I tried to move the rover repeatedly but every time - Boom. The only way I could get around this was to use the landers RCS and hop it away from the rover. I could then drive the rover fine. The other issue I have with this rover is that Kerbals get fired vertically out of their seats several metres every time they try to get out of the seat. I have not played KSP for some time, but don’t remember that happening in previous versions any ideas? On the plus side I was able to visit Minmus’ Lesser flats, Slopes, Lowlands, Midlands and Poles all in a few hours of driving which gave well over 1000 science points Has anyone else had these problems?
  15. Many thanks for all the replies I now have a functioning Rover on Minmus Yay! Incidentally how do I give rep to you folks? there should be a star or something at the end of your posts, but I can't find it.