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  1. Had the exact same problem... had this happen in the past as well when i had OPT installed... I’ll dig around and see how i fixed it the last time,
  2. I've managed to get the trusses to load if I edit the part database.cfg and replace the drag_cube info with a part that does load...
  3. I can get approx 55tons onto a 100k orbit if I fill all 3 tanks with LH2 and Oxidizer... using stock scale.
  4. Can i ask what scale this is designed for? It seems to be absolute massive, even when compared to a shuttle..
  5. Found the issue.... i had cryo tanks installed but not cryo engines.. Doh!
  6. Awesome mod but I could use some help.... I'm confused.... the main engines run Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer and the RCS runs LH2? or do I have some mod messing things up?
  7. I have done that as well.... no Ariane 5 mini.craft that I can see...
  8. @Well 404 page not found.... can you make this available please? I'm wanting to play with its and a resurrected K-CEV Phoenix
  9. Just starting using this again after a break from KSP for a few versions.... any idea why the lander is now black instead of white like it used to be?
  10. are we nearing a release date? I really want to add this to my space program :)
  11. Question. Could we fix the lander by setting the mass of the Vtol engines to 0. This way the centre of mass is correct for main engines when under thrust in a vacuum.. and the ship doesn't flip up?
  12. I get this same issue... always seems to be the right engine. speed around 200m\s says air starved or something like that. not at my gaming machine but i'll check when i get home... on the lander it seems the centre of gravity should be lower when the vtols are installed.
  13. can someone please post craft files? Is it just me of is the lander crazy hard to fly.. with the Vtol engines on the center of gravity is off and when you thrust the ship ends up rotating end over end..
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