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  1. Glad you managed to get it working ! (this forum seems to hate me, no matter what I do, i get no notifications...)
  2. Hi all, totally missed all new posts since my last one, not sure how notifications work here, very sorry for this. Thanks to a user who reached out to me on Facebook, and some free hours in the last couple of days, I'm happy to write that there is a new version of CCP Connector for latest KSP version : Here download link Will clean up source code and post that too in next few days, in the meantime hope you'll enjoy CCP with latest version of KSP.
  3. With an incredible delay, I'm happy to announce that i have just updated and (fast) tested CCP KSP plugin with latest version of KSP !!!!!! Here is latest version download link : http://www.frozenpepper.it/CCP_Folder/KSP_CCPConnector(0.7).zip Let me know if you find any issues. Enjoy
  4. Happy to read there is still somebody interested in the plug in. Hope to have some time to dedicate to version 1.1 support next week end, hadn't yet had the time to install or play new KSP (can't wait ). In the meantime, source code is fairly easy so if anybody cares to take over CCP plugin integration i would happily introduce them to the code.
  5. Thanks for your interest, unfortunately plans for android version where halted as we never had a number of sales that would have justified the port, we are still trying to understand how to market and sell CCP. We made it mostly for our internal use and we are a very small development company, so never had the time or experience to capitalise on it. BUT we are constantly updating it, and we use it daily both for gaming and work, so we will definitely continue to support it and possibly an android port will come sooner rather than later.
  6. Sorry for the total absence from forum hadn't noticed the replies. Happy to write that CCP is now on sale and it will be free for a limited period of time ! Also, to have KSP data displayed on your iPad or iPhone you need to install the CCP mod (Check the first post of thread for latest download link) (Latest version of MOD download) Hope you will enjoy CCP and KSP together.
  7. Fast reply to point to "official" thread about CCP plugin : http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/59797-CCP-Custom-Control-Pad-Remote-control-KSP-from-your-Touch-device-%21-Release/page7 There you will find more infos, updated plugin etc...
  8. You need to connect the CCP app to the computer independently from KSP, once the device is connected to the computer, click on the ccp icon in the task bar (or top bar on mac), a window should open with a "port" number, save it somewhere. Open KSP , press the CCP button , write the correct port number in the port field and press connect. Now using one of the default KSP layouts present in CCP, you should see live data from your vehicle. NOTE : not yet sure why, but stage fuel display is not working correctly anymore (it displays the full vehicle fuel), will find some time to fix that as soon as possible (it will be soon, as i'm having SUPER FUN with new KSP campaign in version 0.9 and by now i play only with CCP !!! ) By the way, GREAT JOB SQUAD on latest version, campaign is beautiful ! (but please, resources next )
  9. We have plans, have some code running, but unfortunately other projects economically fundamental for my studio took over our time. Can't wait to release Android version and improve iOs one, but it is not a priority at the moment and can't commit to any dates.
  10. Back, VERY Sorry for delay in updates of the plugin, but (real) work has been super intensive in this period so could not dedicate time to it. Now, i finally had some time to install new KSP and start a new campaign, so MOD update was required. Here is download link to updated version compatible with KSP 0.9 and 0.25 http://www.frozenpepper.it/CCP_Folder/CCPConnector%2805b%29.zip Also, from the 21 till the 27 of december the full CCP application will have a very special price of 0$
  11. when you download the plugin you will find a text file with all channels used. Lite version is fully functional, you just are limited to default app graphics and can't create more than 1 custom layout (but can use the ones provided by default , of which 7 are KSP only )
  12. There was an issue which prevented the mod from working with latest version of KSP 0.23, fixed. new download link (requires KSP version 0.23, use previous versions on older KSP installs) About licensing…. the Plugin / mod is free and source code is available. Also the plugin doesn't create / edit/ delete files and it will not install additional software. CCP is an IOS application which does way more than letting you control KSP , if you want you install it , but is separate from KSP. Also, LITE (free) version of CCP is available on AppStore, all functions are available but you are limited to 1 "custom" layout and the "default skin" only.
  13. Happy to say that should have fixed issues with latest version of KSP , so here is new plugin download link : (WORKS WITH KSP 0.23 only) DOWNLOAD will now update main thread… Thanks for your patience and especially for the feedback !
  14. Reached same conclusion a few hours ago. Hope to fix plugin during this christmas vacations….
  15. For the data and info screens to work you need to connect CCP ksp plugin to CCP server application, to do so you should click on the CCP icon in the Task Bar (on Windows) and copy the server port number. You need to paste that number in CCP ksp plugin and press connect. For the joysticks, if server application was installed correctly, and device is connected to you pc, it should be configurable by simply going to KSP input configuration screen (accessible from main menu), select the input you want to configure and then move the corresponding control on your iPad. Hope this helps
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