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  1. Hey i know you said you fixed the anti air issue and i know better than to ask when the update is coming out so rather i ll ask is there anything new coming?
  2. I managed to find a fix. What i did was i tested the SM-2 from malfunc but i changed its FOV and MOB to 360 and it worked like a charm. Yall may want to do it that way for future VLS missiles
  3. Glad to hear it (i mean that you are working on it not that you have the issues). Thx
  4. Anti ship and ground missiles work fine. Just anti air. Ive tired the AA10. same result
  5. Ive also tried the one from SMA missles that has an MOB=160 and it still didnt fire
  6. I ll see what i can do Thx Ive tried Malfuc industires continued's VLS tube with the essm missiles
  7. Still cant get the VLS tubes to fire anti air missiles when in guard mode. Other than that everything is running smoothly
  8. That may work but I ll have to try to figure out how im going to do it. See im with a military role play group and we have set rules bout things like how many missiles can be on a ship. As such i have to build my ships with weapon count and part count in mind. If i cant get it to work the way its needs to be i ll try that idea out Tho TBH im trying to get rid of Malfuc from my ships because its SO out dated Edit::: i just found out Spanner now has updated Malfunc so ill try that and see if that fixes it
  9. 1. Im trying just about everything. I ll try those tho. 2. Yes 3. yes 4. yes 5. No...so far ive tired the Metor missile from SmI missile launchers in the Type 45 VLS tube from SM Armory. It says its in SM Armory tho.
  10. the type 45 from SM armory. Spammer Monkeys mod https://drive.google.com/file/d/13unxFglLA4N0qoAZkit6uBtEfiy6DPS6/view?usp=sharing
  11. SM Armory latest version. That said ive tired other VLS tubes from other mods and i get the same results. It locks on but doesnt fire